As a new affiliate of the Tera Patrick Show

I felt compelled to watch last night. Now you guys know me, I am NOT about to sugar coat it. I was appalled. This is bad even by porn standards. Ninety minutes of topless chicks rambling about inane things like how they work while on the rag is just awful. Anyone who can sit through this week after week is just flat out brain dead. What this show needs is a breath of life blown into it. I am not one to bag on something without offering solutions. I know Adella will read this and want to rip my skull off but Digital Playground has something here that has potential. The problem is that the typical porn company mentality (do as little as possible to get the job done) is evident here. You want to turn this show into something watchable? Here are some ideas:

Tera is a good enough host but she cannot carry the show, even Johnny Carson turned the show over to Doc Severinson some.

Add some variety, regular bits, the show needs humor, it also needs an “edge” you are entirely too afraid you are going to piss someone off…get over it, people like to laugh at themselves, they also like to be made mad to some degree, try some satire.

License some bumper music, for what you do it’s cheap, use relevant bumper music between bits.

Do something with that damn set, that black background costs you more bandwidth than something bright and flashy would, black compresses poorly in most compression schemes. Maybe use a nice geaphic with “The Tera Patrick Show” in nice raised text.

Technically your quality is excellent but the audio and video are never in sync even at DSL speeds, this problem is solveable.

Tera desperately needs a “straight man” and a writer, hire quasarman to write her copy.

You want to make the show successful? You want people to actually watch? You want to maybe even be able to sell advertising? If so get your asses in gear and revamp this thing NOW! Look to a porn version of “Saturday Night Live” or maybe even a Porn Version of “David Letterman”. You have way more latitude as to what you can do, make use of it.

You want me to take it over? I’m for sale, call me. I guarantee I make it successful, so long as my hands aren’t tied.

If something is worth doing it is worth doing right, and frankly I expect way better from Digital Playground. So shit or get off the pot guys, lest you go the way of Ed Power’s radio show.

1810cookie-checkAs a new affiliate of the Tera Patrick Show

As a new affiliate of the Tera Patrick Show

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