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Curious sends the following story

“It seems everyone’s favorite groundhog, Punxatawnee Phil has gone missing. A nationwide manhunt is now in place to find the furry rodent. The prime suspect was seen around the San

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This email from Perrin

Yeah, Cameron is a hottie. Good for you. I find few things more exciting than hitting it off with a hot black babe. Still have a sexual crush on my

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A photo of a Fox News interview with Puncsawtawnee (or however the fuck ya spell it) Phil… Like This Post224 Dislike This Post28 88150cookie-checkEXCLUSIVE!no

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  Props out to Shannon for the new logo! Props out to Curious in Modesto for sending me some goodies including this gif. I am told it is Goddess taking

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Chaim Amalek sends the following:

“Congratulations on your new site. It has many pretty pictures the likes of which I never got to see on the previous site I used to write for, lukeford.com. Speaking

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Goddess sends me this one

It was the first day of school in Marietta, Georgia and a new student named Suzuki, the son of a Japanese business man, entered the fourth grade. The teacher said,

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I will be on the air

on 96 Rock with BC and bubba sometime Wednesday night Jan. 30, 2002. You can listen on the air from the website. The interview will be at 5:00PM EST. Like

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