Is There An HIV Positive Male Performer Working

One of the things I have been chasing for two weeks is a rumor that there is an HIV positive male performer working in the biz. He is passing the Industry test because his viral load is undetectably low.

This is mostly coming from female performers spreading the word via social media. I have not been able to confirm or deny it but I feel I should make it known as a warning. This business has been working under the false impression that the Aptima Viral load test is the best test for HIV for porn performers and that is flat out NOT TRUE.

The oft quoted window period was true 20 years ago, that is no longer the case, there is very little IF ANY difference in the window period for the ELISA test and the Aptima test given advances in testing over the last 20 years but the Aptima test is inferior because if you have HIV and are on the drug treatments you will drop to an undetectable viral load meaning you will test negative, that is NOT the case with the ELISA test. In the past I personally have used both, using the oral swab ELISA test prior to every shoot as a fail safe against this, I am considering dropping the Aptima test altogether because there is no longer any advantage to it.

Since I won’t be writing here if and when this does come out I would suggest that performers start using the oral swab test as I did IN ADDITION to the industry test. its cheap its effective and it may prevent you from catching HIV.

I encourage all performers to ask their DOCTOR not the FSC about this if they have any questions.

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Is There An HIV Positive Male Performer Working

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  1. A test no matter what kind it is is not a prevention, it is a test to tell you wheather you have got something at that time you have taken the test. I am a performer, so I get the whole (if I’m only working with people who are tested then I won’t catch anything). Porn stars are suppose to be the safest people in the world to sleep with because the amount of testing we receive, when most people have never been tested at all, not ever not once.

    Someone pointed out to me that a “normal female” (whatever that is) has maybe five people their whole lives they sleep with. Five.

    Most of “us” was at 5 at age 16. Lol

    You should always be able to say “no”, if something does not feel quite right with whom your working with, Forget the paycheck and go with ur gut feeling. The next way is to use protection, and the next way after that is to band together! Join now!

    Because no matter what you hear about this union, until you actually join, you will never really know. And no matter what they say, this union is not going anywhere.

  2. Phyllisha;

    There are a lot of girls in this industry that also perform with their boyfriends for their websites and the BF does not test , but also has unprotected sex on camera with both the gf and the other female partner. Happens everyday and who really gives a two shits and a fuck?

    Porn is dead and has died. Its all free and WE love it.

  3. No! Don’t report on it. If a outbreak happens, let it happen. Wipe out some of the pieces of shit with full blown infections, and let the California liberal commie taxpayers pay for it all out of their pockets along with having all the “infected” from this a hole, get sued in court class action along with the NON- Condom Producers.

    That will be the laughing stock situation in the media and the republicain party in California. Hahaha. you voted no on Prop 60?
    Bite it California taxpayer with more cost to you. California was talked about on the news radio this morning as a really shitplace to live and run a business, People are basically spreading their ass cheeks and taking it really deep, and hard from the taxes, regs, and the “cut” in Federal tax dollars that Good’ ole Donny Trump is going to shove up their phony liberal asses. Vote for pigs and you get pigs.

    Get rid of the illegal aliens and the chomos, save your asses quick.
    Big Donny is coming for you.

  4. It is not that simple phyllisha

    What performers (both male and female) do in their personal lives is not so easily dismissed because they get tested every 2 weeks. Porn girls blow guys at bars to live up to their reps, porn guys get barebacked by civilian TS’s and men on the side, porn girls date guys who do gay porn and work with HIV positive men, people have personal relationships and condoms are out the window and that civilian is not being tested…… on and on it goes; I just think it is naive when performers seem to think that the only people they have sex with are other tested performers. A test from a guy barebacking dozens of women a month both on camera and in their personal life (and other genders too), is cool.. however, if Middle Aged Married Escort Client A brings in a test and asks for bareback that is somehow a scourge to the business.

    This whole deal of male performers having HIV and thanks to their meds are “undetectable” goes back a while. I don’t know who Mike is referring to here, however, there have been rumors about someone for years, and you never know with other ones. It is also difficult to say that there are no women getting HIV in porn because there are so many unexplained disappearances from porn that may be connected to someone getting hIV and just getting out of dodge. It is a complex issue.

  5. Proudly advocating for on set rapid Elisa test since 2009. Happy new year everybody. I guess this is it, on this site. Sadly.

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