Everyone Wants To Try To Troll Me To Mentioning Them


It’s kind of a bitch being top dog at this, a position that kinda just came to me, I never really asked for or expected it.  but the thing is my traffic has gone up exponentially as most of you know.  When that happens everyone wants some of you so people start trying to pick fights, hoping that you will respond and they will siphon off some of your readers.

Thats why I dont respond when these guys try to play that game.  One thing I will say about Cindi/Kelli at lukeisback.com is that they have never tried to play that game. So now they have an incoming link from me 😉

One thing you wont get here is me spouting the “party line” theres enough of that and if that is what you want you would go elsewhere, sometimes what I write even bothers me in that I have to expose it at all, but if it pans out to be factual, no matter how much I dont like it, I am gonna run it.  Performers have no other place to go to get timely and accurate information.  This applies to producers and company owners as well.

Yes I’m just one guy trying to drain the swamp while being up to my ass in alligators, but hey I AM TRYING

Love You Long Time


89110cookie-checkEveryone Wants To Try To Troll Me To Mentioning Them

Everyone Wants To Try To Troll Me To Mentioning Them

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