OSHA To Investigate Syphilis Exposures

While L.A. County isn’t investigating the recent possible Syphilis outbreak apparently OSHA is. Word right now is that the companies involved can expect visits from the affiliated OSHA people (California and Nevada).

It is up in the air as to the status of Clover, most likely due to his being treated immediately on the first positive test, the treatment protocol may be causing the inconclusive, that’s why everyone involved is still not working and wont be until retested and cleared. better safe than sorry approach, one I fully support.

But the status isn’t the concern of OSHA so much as the non use of condoms. I am told that production companies can start expecting visits on this matter so if your company is involved you may want to contact your attorney.

Speaking of attorneys green Gene certainly yanked those names quickly, seems veronica Avluv and her lawyer came down on his ass hard.

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OSHA To Investigate Syphilis Exposures

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