Trinity St. Clair is a wanted fugitive with an open warrant for her arrest!

Court records suggest that porn star Trinity St. Clair, likely a wanted fugitive, is trying to clean up her criminal record.  But for what purpose?


Days after the 2013 Exxxotica Expo in Edison, New Jersey wrapped on October 6, police in the town of New Castle, Delaware responded to an alleged shoplifting incident.

New Castle is 96 miles from Edison and lies just south of Wilmington, Delaware; a little more than half-way between Edison and Baltimore, Maryland.

The female shoplifting suspect taken into custody and booked that October day was none other than porn starlet Trinity St. Clair.

From California to Delaware: Trinity St. Clair's Criminal Record and its Significance
Trinity’s mug shot from her October 2013 shoplifting arrest.


St. Clair was charged with shoplifting under § 840 of the Delaware Code.

“When the goods, wares or merchandise shoplifted are of the value of less than $1,500, it is a class A misdemeanor.”


St. Clair was released on her own recognizance (O.R.) and ordered to appear in court at a later time. However, she did not to appear and a “Capias” Failure to Appear (FTA) warrant (known elsewhere as a bench warrant) was issued in Justice of the Peace Court 11 in New Castle. Presumably she had quickly fled the jurisdiction.

References to both the arrest and the warrant may be found online via the “Online Wanted Person Review” of DELJIS, the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System.

From California to Delaware: Trinity St. Clair's Criminal Record and its Significance

The listing even includes a link to the CrimeStoppers Tip Line.

Telephone calls to authorities in Delaware today revealed that they could not readily see any information to suggest the four year-old matter had been resolved. Consequently, we requested the full case file to clear up the status of St. Clair’s warrant and the underlying criminal case.

However, the shoplifting case and the FTA warrant are not the most intriguing part of our story.

Curiouser and curiouser

We’ve long known that Trinity has a series of criminal cases in Shasta County, Calif., whence she hails.  Here are samples of the publicly available information on her criminal record in and around Redding, Calif.  None reveal the specific charges; they are only listed as criminal misdemeanors.

The truly fascinating part may be found in notations on the cases on the official County Court website.

The records indicate that the cases were closed and the files in each case were destroyed on November 16, 2017.

Last week.

These cases were each filed, and resolved, on different dates, yet their files were destroyed on the same day, last week. This must have been done by special request.

Why would Trinity St. Clair suddenly feel the need to have items removed from her California record of criminal convictions? Is there some enterprise she is or may become involved in where such a move might help her?

A business move?

This is merely speculation, but Trinity has ben representing adult talent as a “manager” for some time, and is currently involved in a costly lawsuit brought against her by licensed, bonded talent agencies. Could it be that Trinity is trying to clean up her record so she can get a bond and license to run a legal agency in California (or elsewhere)?

And what effect might the Delaware shoplifting case have upon such a plan?

We hope to be able to shed more light own these and other matters once the slew of requested court documents relating to Trinity St. Clair’s criminal record are in our hands.

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Trinity St. Clair is a wanted fugitive with an open warrant for her arrest!

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12 Responses

  1. She keeps doing the shit she does because she skates and develops a sense that she can do whatever she wants. If someone really throws the book at her (huge fine and hard time) and she gets real punishment maybe just maybe she might learn to fly straight. She needs some sort of a wake up call.

  2. Are you saying everyone in the industry should be terrified of a shop lifter?

    Is she whipping her dick out & doing the casting couch before repping them as an agent?

  3. No one is saying that anyone should be terrified of Trinity. Another fatuous remark based upon a misreading of the text.

    The point is that this is a woman who has tricked other women into prostitution! That she has apparently tortiously interfered with agency contracts, effectively stealing booking fees. That she locked women into her house and controlled their email and social media accounts.

    And after all this, your closer is to say, essentially, ‘well, she’s not as bad as piggish male agents.”

    I don’t know whether daddy didn’t love you enough, or if he loved you a little too much, but Sam you don’t just have issues…you’ve got a fucking subscription.

  4. Welcome to, Sam Langhorne. Assuming you are the same Sam Langhorne as the newest writer here I look forward to your future articles — maybe some investigative reporting is in order on whether Trinity St. Clair’s daddy “loved her too much” (that is much more likely than Sam MFC having that problem). Something caused her to keep her “friends” prisoner in her house of horrors, become Shasta County’s “serial misdemeanant”, try to steal a bunch of shit from some store in New Jersey and (this is rumored) give blow jobs at PSK for $35 each out of her car. Ms. St. Clair is a cute fugitive, I hope the New Jersey cops lock her in a solitary cell and forget about her for a couple of days when she is caught or turns herself in — with her misdemeanors in California expunged she won’t do shit for time otherwise.

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