The Altered Vegas Test, Scott Reedy, Shy Love and the Aurora Snow Connection

Isn’t it funny how the same people’s names keep popping up when there’s drama, scandal, abuse and deceit in the adult business? Shy Love, Riley Reynolds, Scottie Ohanian, Aurora Snow, Trinity St. Clair et al.

This week we learned that an adult performer named “Scott Hancock” was the individual who altered an HIV/STI test last month in order to make it appear as though his expired test was actually within the 14-day range required under PASS protocols.

“Scott Hancock”


An alert from the Free Speech Coalition last month read in part:

Two female performers separately contacted the Free Speech Coalition with concerns that a male performer-producer was working with an expired test. In both cases, he produced a digitally forged paper test using manipulated dates.

In both cases, the performer left set without shooting and reported the incidents to the FSC.

Scott Hancock is the performer and director alias of Scott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Andrew a.k.a Jack H. — a business partner of unlicensed agent and tax cheat Shy Love dating back to the time that The VIP Connect was an escort agency.

They later tried out the name The VIP Companion, before Shy Love announced, on Sept 11, 2014, that she would be helming the unlicensed, unbonded Nevada-based talent agency The VIP Connect.

Except, of course, she didn’t mention that her agency was unlicensed. Or that the name sounded so much like an escort business because it used to be one.

By that time LAX Models was established and Shy Love’s bff Sophia Santi had come on board as “co-owner”.

Sophia Santi

As XBIZ reported:

Santi joins current owner, Scott Andrew, (also known under his directorial name, Scott Hancock), to operate the Los Angeles-based licensed and bonded firm. . . .

Andrew noted that he was the founder and owner of affiliate program Blazing Bucks and DVD studio Overboard Video. . . .

[Scott added,] “I really understand the needs of producers, and I am able to work with our models to help them maximize their potential.”

I don’t know of anyone who ever actually hear of Sophia Santi doing LAX Models business. Santi has always been widely considered a “straw man” — a substitute for Shy Love because Shy’s tax problems and the fact that she can’t have a bank account in her name made her unbindable (as well as someone may people don;t want to do business with).

That’s just a small sampling of Shy Love’s tax issues.

Back to Scott Reedy…

The Altered Vegas Test, Scott Reedy, Shy Love and the Aurora Snow Connection

Here is Scott Reedy’s Linkedin profile. He operates something called Channel Experts.

Scott was usually a faceless stunt dick in his adult scenes over the years, but unsurprisingly there’s no mention of this on his Linkedin page.

So, over the last two months, Scott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Hancock was caught trying to evade PASS testing standards twice, and consequently creating an uproar in the adult world. Among adult performers, passing off an altered test is one of the most despicable things you can do, even if you think you are clean. It’s a slap in the face, and demonstrates that you do not give a shit about the health of your scene mate(s).

Scott Reedy is a real shit bag.

So what does this have to do with Aurora Snow?

Well, let’s start with who Aurora is and what she does.

In her despicable “look at how bad things are in porn” vox nihili piece for The Daily Beast in May 2018, the toxic scribe Aurora Snow took the side of conniving disgruntled performer Gia Paige against the man Snow calls “Porn’s Superagent”: Derek Hay of LA Direct Models.

Snow, 36, is an ex performer, a tireless critic of virtually everything in Porn Valley, and an ardent supporter of AHF’s efforts (such as Measure B) to destroy the adult industry.

Snow’s Daily Beast piece included this grabber:

It’s been less than a year and the adult industry has already buried five young women—some suspected suicides, others confirmed.

It also included the following image and caption:

The problem with this composite photo and its caption is it’s a complete and total LIE, as I wrote at the time.

No cause is ever well-served by lying, and Aurora’s agenda has nothing to do with open and fair debate, or the best interests of adult performers. As a subjective journalist, Aurora Snow dresses herself in the clothes of a performer advocate, while her positions directly contradict the views and wishes of the vast majority of performers.

Like Scott Reedy, when it comes right down to it, she doesn’t give a shit about performers. You see, Aurora has her eyes on something else, something sparkly and unattainable. Something to which she has no right.

In a piece for in June, I alluded to another story about Aurora Snow that has made the rounds over the years, and which had been confirmed by a detailed reader email.

I wan unable to obtain permission to reprint the email, because the author feared being outed by their writing style and the perspective on the events imbued in the message, but here is the story:

Back in the days of The VIP Connect / The VIP Companion, Aurora Snow was working as an escort — and not a very high priced one at that. (I’m entirely pro-sex work, so that is not the issue here.)  It has been asserted by knowledgable sources (including the email author) that Scott Reedy & Co. booked her on an escort gig in Marina del Rey, Calif, during which she took a liking to her client’s shiny Rolex watch and stole it.

We know that the client then wrote a devastating review online at the now-defunct TheEroticReview (TER), and in order to get it removed, Scott Reedy got the watch from Aurora and brought it back to the client in Marina del Rey.


So we have Scott Reedy altering a test; Shy Love evading income taxes and fleeing the U.S. (not to mention trafficking young women from Europe);  Aurora Snow’s sticky fingers; Trinity St. Clair shoplifting a jacket and some cheese . . .

Trinity St/ Clair in a 2013 shoplifting mugshot

I find this funny, and I say again, the same people’s names keep popping up when there’s drama, scandal, abuse and deceit in the adult business. Add Scott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Hancock to that list.

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The Altered Vegas Test, Scott Reedy, Shy Love and the Aurora Snow Connection

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4 Responses

  1. Most of the 5 ODed and thats on them, no one forced them to take the drugs. Auguet’s death was due to cyber bullying but a large portion of that blame has to go to mental health issues as well.

  2. Aurora Snow is biting the hand that fed her for a decade — even while she was showing up drunk at or getting drunk off her ass during adult film industry shoots (I have footage of Aurora drunk at a JM shoot years ago, I will send you the appropriate “Most Outrageous Outtakes” video if Jeff Steward will allow you to post it here), my understanding is that there is much more than the one shoot where she showed up so drunk off of her ass that she couldn’t do her fucking job. Aurora Snow should be kissing the ass of this industry for allowing her to make a living even though she was constantly drunk and unable to put even a mediocre performance during filming of her scenes — not trying to get the industry shut down! What a fucking backstabbing bitch!

    As for someone altering their VD test results, Scott Reedy needs to be tarred and feathered, the largest dildo in the world shoved so far up his ass that the head of it comes out his mouth and finally as the coup de grace he needs to have his dick and balls shoved down his throat! I guess we will have to live with not allowing him anywhere near an adult film industry set ever again under penalty of every male talent, director, PA and producer on set working together to shove all of his teeth down his throat, break all of his ribs then breaking his legs and shattering his kneecaps with a sledgehammer or baseball bat. Hell, hand Jacky St. James and Holly Randall each a baseball bat and a pitchfork handle and let them get in on the bone-busting and anus-shredding “fun”! Let him try to “pleasure” some dumb ho (who would have to be dumb to let him fuck her) with his ribs all painfully broken to chunks, his legs broken and his knees permanently rendered non-functional.

  3. You are wrong. Olivia Nova died of sepsis – not an OD. Olivia Lua was under medical care and THEY gave her the wrong medication, killing her. August Ames did not OD and Shyla Stylez was at home with her family under medical care I think for liver failure or something like that. Again not an OD.

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