Scott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Hancock of BigGulpGirls Putting Performers At Risk for STIs

Women have come forward with disturbing tales of risky sexual behavior.

In October we learned that an adult performer named “Scott Hancock” was the individual who altered an HIV/STI test in September in order to make it appear as though his expired test was actually within the 14-day range required under PASS protocols.

An alert from the Free Speech Coalition in September read in part:

Two female performers separately contacted the Free Speech Coalition with concerns that a male performer-producer was working with an expired test. In both cases, he produced a digitally forged paper test using manipulated dates.

In both cases, the performer left set without shooting and reported the incidents to the FSC.

Scott Hancock is the performer and director alias of Scott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Andrew a.k.a Jack H. — a business partner of unlicensed agent and tax cheat Shy Love dating back to the time that The VIP Connect was an escort agency.

Reedy runs a website called BigGulpGirls, which features blowjob scenes usually shot at his Las Vegas loft in which Reedy himself is the male talent. The site currently boasts 1147 models.

Over the past few months, Reedy was caught trying to evade PASS testing standards twice, consequently creating an uproar in the adult world. Among adult performers, passing off an altered test is one of the most despicable things you can do, even if you think you are clean. It’s a slap in the face, and demonstrates that you do not give a shit about the health of your scene mate(s).

But my investigation since that initial report has shown that the situation is even worse that previously reported.

Three Las Vegas women who shot with Reedy for BigGulpGirls over the last two years confirm to that Reedy doesn’t ask for, or show, a current test for his shoots.

Reedy books models for $250 – 300 blow job scenes, the women report — sometimes along with an off-camera “private” full service session afterward. “A package deal” is how one described it. The talent are often untested local providers.

One woman said, “he never showed me a test and never had me tested, and he did shit on the side with me.”

Another woman reported that she offered to show Reedy a test but “he never checked it ’cause he said I was cool.”

One woman, who shot for Reedy twice over the course of two years, found out (after having done a BJ scene with a “private” afterward) that he had recently been with a female who tested positive for chlamydia. She then had to get tested as a precaution.

“I thought it was a little bit sketchy that he didn’t ask for a recent test,” she said in hindsight.

And one of the women asserts that Reedy assures talent that they do not need an STI test for an oral sex scene because “you can’t catch an STD from oral sex.”

This is of course completely untrue. There is indeed a real risk of transmission of mucosal STIs: gonorrhea, chlamydia, HSV, HPV and syphilis during a male/female oral sex performance: to or from the male or the female, from the oral sex itself — and to the female from ejaculation into the mouth or eyes.

And an on set transmission via oral sex could make it possible for genitals that come in contact with that infected mouth/throat to become infected.

Here is where this gets especially bad: Reedy doesn’t only shoot with local models and escorts. He also shoots scenes with visiting porn stars from the Los Angeles talent pool.

Porn Valley performers who have shot with Reedy in recent months include Pristine Edge, Misty Stone, Leigh Raven bff Charlotte Sartre, Karma Rx, Gia Love, Miranda Miller, Carolina Sweets, Anna Bell Peaks, Richelle Ryan, and Samantha Saint.

Who knows how many California performers were shown a forged test (or convinced they didn’t need to see one), and then given an STI which they carried back to the L.A. talent pool?

Two of the models who spoke to have already contacted FSC in hopes of having Reedy permanently thrown out of PASS, and we encourage all talent who experienced anything out of the ordinary to do the same. With reports like this one, we are doing our part. There should be no place in the adult business for predators who trick talent and potentially expose them to illness just so they can save a few bucks when getting their rocks off.


303400cookie-checkScott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Hancock of BigGulpGirls Putting Performers At Risk for STIs

Scott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Hancock of BigGulpGirls Putting Performers At Risk for STIs

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10 Responses

  1. So the lunatic Scott Reedy who becomes easily unhinged finally made famous on google. Dam Mike South I was beginning to think you all were friends.

    BTW I wonder if you heard from the girl who arrived at Scott’s place in Vegas dressed in her work uniform and in the employer’s truck with the big pizza sign on top while on her lunch break. That should have been mentioned.

    The poor girl caught chlamydia. She went through two rounds of meds to shake this off.

    Scotty Reedy is a fucking scum bag.
    Is he banned from the PASS system and TTS ?

    Surely he wont give two shits because he won’t test anyways. Just like Shy Love who has Hepatitis C and Liver rotting fast wont test.

  2. There is an old saying “You can’t flunk out of porn” and the folks that keep doing sneaky shit just keep coming back. They make some bad press, take a month or three off and come back like nothing happened. Its worked for Shy Love, Trinity St. Claire, and many others.

    Very few get permabanned like Mr. Marcus and he is still trying to come back (in between his lawn mowing or busing tables jobs probably). I’m surprised he didn’t try and place the race card in his being banned. Even Donny Long still has his fingers in the pie again.

  3. Why has anyone not reported a copy right and trade mark infringement to 7/11 convenience stores ?
    “Big Gulp ” is trade marked

  4. This idiot is still around????? Isn’t this the third time Scott Hancock has made headlines here for being a scumbag? Now he has likely given a girl chlamydia?????? Send this guy to the door and to a job at McFucks or Burger Fuck flipping burgers for $15 an hour and shitty benefits!!!!! Better yet, send him to Wal-Double Fuck to get a job as a night janitor, the work is harder and they pay even less — starting at $11 an hour in my area. Get him out of the porn industry — if all industry performers blacklist him he won’t get far using only unknowing, local talent, it takes a special talent to make it using unknown local talent and Scott Hancock is no Mike South or Jim Gunn — and neither Mike or Jim would work untested or allow untested talent to work on their sets, Mike even uses a separate ELISA quick test on-set (legal and available over the counter in Georgia and Florida although illegal to sell without a prescription in Michigan) to detect treated HIV/AIDS from talent that would try to pass of a undetectable RNA test as being negative for HIV/AIDS.

  5. Heard he is considering offing himself. Sadly if you know Scott, He is far too selfish to be so kind to us…lol

    Perhaps silence is golden , hope I haven’t spoken too soon, In case he is in a hang man type pose for the cameras and city morgue and he is found dangling and shaking don’t save him. His moma don’t want him saved and he is uncircumcised and he eats pork belly sausages

  6. Nantucket, I don’t like to encourage suicide and won’t here but I think Scott Reedy needs to get the fuck out of the adult film industry ASAP! I wouldn’t shed a tear if he did die but even with him being a scumbag of the lowest order, I don’t think he should do it that way. We don’t need another scandal where people encourage someone to kill themselves, almost a year ago to the day August Ames killed herself after being roasted for not working with a (supposed) gay porn performer. The industry doesn’t need another such scandal (granted, August wasn’t a scumbag and Scott is but my point still stands).

  7. Falcone, I don’t know if that would fly in a Nevada court. California has strong protective laws in this regard, Nevada is a relatively conservative state (other than Clark County) and conservatives are much less protective of the common man and his rights.

    It should be noted that Mr. Syphilis did 30 days in county jail for his California faked test, causing 18 people to get syphilis. I don’t see that happening in a Nevada state court, I don’t even see Mr. Hancunt getting arrested or charges with a crime.

  8. I am sure his dick is still active, too. However, now that this article is bumped people will be reminded that Scott Hancock gives people VD and should not be trusted on a porn set. Suck on some of Michael Weinstein’s or Mark Wallice’s AIDS dick, Hancunt — and swallow it all!!!!!!!!! That is the only dick someone like him deserves.

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