Trafficking, Trailers and Trap Houses: The Unholy Kinship of Shy Love and Trinity St Clair

Ground zero for the perverse kinship of two soulless users, this is the neighborhood that predation, manipulation and betrayal called home


Porn Valley, Calif. — Los Angeles County is home to 10.2 million residents spread over 4058 square land miles. It is the most populous county in the United States, and California is the most populous, and the third largest state in the U.S. by area.

It’s a big place.

So, then, — two shameful blights on the adult business — would end up standing on the same city block in L.A

As the divine Dusty Springfield once sang, “it’s crazy, but it’s true.”

Trafficking, Trailers and Trap Houses: The Unholy Kinship of Shy Love and Trinity St Clair

Pussy Prisons

Just over one year ago, we reported on a reputed ‘Trap House’, a gated residence and un-permitted shoot location run by porn performer-turned-pimptress Trinity St. Clair.

Hell in the Valley


In January of this year, I wrote:

St. Clair, a fugitive from the law with an open warrant for her arrest, had a strong pimp hand indeed when it came to the young adult starlets she took “under her wing”.  Performer Naomi Woods confirmed to this site that Trinity took control of all her social media and email accounts; basically, she held every password Woods (and then others) had, in order to isolate her and control the flow of information to and from the outside world. Moreover, Trinity moved the young women into her house in Woodland Hills and locked them inside.

The residence has been compared to a trap house, and adult starlet Alex Grey is said to have escaped by breaking out of a window in the middle of the night.

Trinity St. Clair’s October 2014 mugshot


Trinity’s slippery, cut-throat actions have cost her dearly of late. She’s had to shell out 5-figure penalties to settle lawsuits by legit talent agents, and her star (such as it was) has dimmed considerably.

But she’s still out there scheming and preying upon those she had promise to promote and protect.

Queen Bitch

Shy Love


And then there’s Shy Love. When it comes to scheming, soulless users, Shy is the queen of them all

In terms of inspiring absolute contempt and derision among her peers, Shy Love a.k.a. Sheelagh Albino Blumberg Liberboim stands alone.

Shy is a tax cheat who cannot even own a bank account in her own name, and fled the United States for the Netherlands after one of her sugar daddies dumped her. She now preys upon young adult models in Europe, showering them with promises of big bucks and a better life after working high-profile shoots for her many many connections (which, like her Dutch talent agency, do not exist).

As I reported earlier this month, Shy Love has the newcomers brought to the United States with the promise of up to $20,000 in legit adult movie shoots, only to have them deposited in a “fifth wheel” trailer near the 101 Freeway where they smoke HEETS and are forced to wait desperately for the phone to ring with details of $400 – 600 illegal escort gigs.

To ensure compliance, Love renders these Eastern Europeans helpless in a far off land by ordering the young women’s money withheld until they depart for Europe.

I also provided an exclusive video that provides a glimpse into the trailer, which is far from the promise of the glitzy digs and lifestyle that Shy used to induce them.

Since that report, and its follow up, I am pleased to report that Shy Love’s reputed trafficking scam has suffered a number of setbacks.

Sources in Europe, including Porno Dan Leal, confirm that after rereading our reports, the talent agent and performer community in Prague and Budapest was outraged. Agents and talent began backing out of planned trips to work with The VIP Connect en masse.


The VIP Connect has also been booted off the property down the street from Trinity St. Clair’s house by the horrified land owner.

The VIP Connect’s 5-star accommodations


It turns out that the owner of the lot where the fifth wheel trailer was parked never dealt with Shy Love, has confirmed.

Ian’s ab day (Twitter)

Instead, the landlord interacted with a man named Ian Aziani. An amateur porn producer, he is the son of Buzz Aziani, owner of the Phoenix-based adult site

Ian Aziani is managing The VIP Connect while Shy Love is in Europe lying to models and misrepresenting herself to everyone she encounters.

We’ve received numerous reports of The VIP Connect having cashflow problems of late, but it turns out the financial issues date back earlier than that. The landlord who booted The VIP Connect off his property is yet another person who had trouble getting paid what he was due by Shy Love’s company.

Much much more coming on the ongoing sagas of Trinity St. Clair and Shy Love.

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Trafficking, Trailers and Trap Houses: The Unholy Kinship of Shy Love and Trinity St Clair

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