Is Trinity St. Clair’s 1 Stop Hooker Depot a Trap House? You Decide

In 2015 when news broke that someone tricked a porn star into doing a private — the industry was in an uproar, especially when they found out the man involved was none other than former Disney executive Richard Nanula, who had Trinity St. Clair help him set up the date private with Samantha Saint.

Samantha Saint Richard Nanula

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against with a girl trying to make a living as an escort, but I do have a big problem with someone tricking girls into doing it. That’s something else all together. Trinity St. Clair lied and told Samantha Saint the job was a legit porn shoot, which it turned out not to be.

Trinity St. Clair tricked a girl into being a hooker.

Samantha Saint had this to say about the matter, “I am not a hooker. I don’t judge girls that do it, but I’m not one of them. I would have never put myself in the situation if I knew what it truly was.

Just as a leopard doesn’t change its stripes, neither does Trinity St. Clair.


If you didn’t read the story posted the other day about porn star Alex Grey’s boyfriend who died of a drug overdose, then you should do that now. Surprise, surprise Trinity St. Clair is involved in that mess as well.

Naomi Woods, Alex Grey and Trinity St. Clair
Naomi Woods, Alex Grey and Trinity St. Clair. Alex Grey’s boyfriend just died of a drug overdose and here she is just 17 hours ago, having a good time with Naomi Woods and Trinity St. Clair.


Let’s not forget Trinity St. Clair was partying with Amber Rayne before her death.

Everyone was so upset that Amber Rayne died, but why did nobody care to condemn the person she was partying with, the person who gave her the very drugs who killed her?

She was kicked out of an adult industry convention last year for hooking.

Everywhere Trinity goes, trouble follows.

You would think after all the scandals and drama Trinity St. Clair has been involved in the industry would stop working with her, but that isn’t the case at all.

The porn industry really does have a short memory and as a result, Trinity St. Clair, is back to her old tricks again.

I just don’t understand why Trinity St. Clair is still around after all she has done.

Trinity St. Clair is notorious for her dishonesty. She will lie about something so obviously verifiable. It just doesn’t make sense. For example, she tells everyone who will listen that her house is worth $2 million. It’s not. Anyone with the address can look it up online and see it’s value is only $1.2 to $1.4 million. Why lie about something so silly and so easily to disprove?

She tells people she paid cash for her house and owns it free and clear. That’s not true. Not even close. She’s in a sort of rent to own program with the current owner. As you can see she has a big balloon payment due June 1, 2017.

This of course doesn’t include the more than $15,000 a year she owes in property taxes as well.

Speaking of the current owner of the house, she’s also lying to him as well. Their agreement prohibits anything other than residential use of the property.  She rents to house out as a location for illegal porn shoots. This is a commercial venture and the residential neighborhood is not zoned for.

How shoots in the adult industry work, normally work is that a person goes and gets a permit for shooting from city. This could cost a producer a minimum of $625. This is up from $500 that it used to cost to get a film permit.

If you don’t pay this, the LAPD can show up on the location, shut down filming and issue big fines. According to the LA Times, the LAPD busts about 30 to 50 illegal shoots per year.

Trinity St. Clair has been using her house for a location for porn shoots.

The problem is, these are not permitted shoots. These shoots are done on the down low.  This is obviously a violation of her rent to own agreement for the house and against the law in that you can’t shoot a movie without a location permit from the city.

You’ll see Jim Powers recently announced a new studio for shoots which is legally permitted by the city. That’s what you are supposed to do.

So why doesn’t she just get a permit for shoots at her house since she does films there so often? Because she isn’t just shooting movies there.

According to multiple sources, she’s also using it as a drive through prostitution service.

These ‘blow and go’ specials, Trinity St. Clair is famous for, which used to take place at the porn star karaoke now is rumored to take place in her garage.

The rumor is a john drives into the garage, the girl comes out, renders oral copulation, pays the girl and then drives off — all without ever having to even leave the comfort and convenience of his car.

These kind of stunts are what gives all of us in the adult industry a bad name.

Anyone who works with Trinity St. Clair is just asking for trouble.


Definition of a Trap House

One day you might be shooting at this location, sooner or later it’s going to be raided because it’s a hooker in-call, drugs are present on the location and non-permitted shoots are taking place there.


150210cookie-checkIs Trinity St. Clair’s 1 Stop Hooker Depot a Trap House? You Decide

Is Trinity St. Clair’s 1 Stop Hooker Depot a Trap House? You Decide

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22 Responses

  1. First welcome to the new owners of this site. Let me know if I can help you with any information I might have from being a commenter here for many years as you bring this site back online, my contact information should be on file with my log-in. I hope investigative adult industry journalism continues here at, the industry really needs it. The number is so high that I can’t count the number of things that have been rectified and changed due to Mike’s dedication to investigative journalism over the years.

    Second, Trinity using her home (whether it be paid up or financed) for prostitution is very dangerous in the current legal environment. If the cops want to get shitty they could conduct survellence on the house based on this article, wait for her to have cars pulling in and out of her garage and find a pretext (or possibly get a legitimate warrant) to wait for another car to pull in so its driver can get and pay for a blow job, enter the home, arrest everyone inside and collect evidence. The cops can offer the john a deal where if he testifies against Trinity and her “friends” they won’t refer him to be charged by the DA’s office.

    Hell, I think prostitution should be legal and don’t think Trinity has any business running a brothel in an obviously residential neighborhood.

    In the current legal environment her running a brothel out of a residential home in a residential neighborhood is essentially asking for 15-50 at California Women’s Prison (which would be torture to someone like Trinity) and she will probably take down a bunch of people with her.

    I wish some people would grow a brain, when this chick or one of her prostitutes get caught with her or her john’s pants down (so to speak) this is going to put another needless black stain on the adult film industry because of her association with it.

  2. Porn whores lie. How come people are always so shocked when someone like Trinity St Clair takes the scumbar bar down a few notches?

  3. This girl is horrible. I’ve heard of some of her antics before. How r people stupid enough 2 still trust her?

  4. So true, Karmafan. Cops are not as a group likely to go undercover where they are required to have sex nowadays (in order not to break cover and gather evidence in that scenario the cop would likely be required to actually get a blow job unless Trinity and Co. were to be busted immediately after the offer is made) but the SCOTUS has ruled that tactic allowable. I think that tactic would not be used by LAPD or whatever city this operation is in but whatever tactic they use I think Trinity is in it up to her eyeballs as a result of this article and her actions. This isn’t the first time she has been caught pimping, with the Nanula case it would have been harder to prosecute because of the camera, pretext of a porn flick being made and the person being prostituted being a porn performer (via the Freeman state court decision) but this is outright prostitution and pimping without any legal cover in an obviously residential (and high-class) neighborhood and I suspect the appropriate police authorities will bust her shortly.

  5. Someone should contact the neighborhood watch organizer and gather up signatures for an ordinance petition drive.

  6. The ordinances (and stronger) already exist — prostitution not filmed for adult film is a fucking felony there! I disagree with their absolute prostitution ban but give me a fucking break — there are probably little kids riding their bikes and playing basketball on the same street these johns are driving through (likely) half drunk/baked out of their minds to get an in-garage suck and fuck. I know when I picked up hookers as a younger person I was usually drunk off of my ass (no, I didn’t go to some hooker’s house in a residential neighborhood to get laid), of course back then people didn’t give a second thought to driving drunk off their asses. Trinity St. Clair needs her fucking head examined with this one, some kid is going to get run over riding his/her bike on the street with all of the extra (likely) drunk/high driving traffic that is going through her neighborhood due to her “trap house” activities.

  7. There are a large number of people that don’t see any difference between porn and prostitution. Most porn stars already escort.

  8. My God is there no ends to where this girl won’t venture when it comes to shady acts ?
    I remember a few years ago she was all tweeting how she was on a Wicked Pictures set in a feature porn parody staring Samantha Saint. I was like HUHH? woah people in porn have short memories. But I was mistaken cause then came a bomb shell. someone armed with a Phone Camera took a vid of Trinity “Calamity Jane” St. Clair getting bitched out by Samantha Saint. Then came pics of Trinity being escorted “no pun intended” off the set by security, toting her wee little set HO bag with no condoms —- Just lube and pills, and every girl on the set including the make up artist phone number soliciting for sex workers.

  9. I heard about Trinity St. Clair being escorted off the set before. I was surprised not many people talked about this story when it happened.

    I heard she was balling on the way to her car, all freaking out saying she didn’t understand what she did wrong. Are you kidding me? You tricked the girl into doing a private you dumb bitch.

  10. “…she was balling on the way to her car, all freaking out saying she didn’t understand what she did wrong.” Seen this countless times. The fact of the matter is, so many of these people ACTUALLY BELIEVE their own line of shit, even stuff they are blatantly improvising when being cross-examined. I’ve dealt with it many times over the years. They will go to the wall defending the most outrageous lies, and some of them become outraged when you call them on it. It’s not necessarily always an act! This level of self-delusion is dangerous for two reasons: 1) They will pull outrageous stunts like this one with Nanula/Saint at the drop of a hat. 2) ‘The power of conviction’ makes them quite persuasive, especially in the cases where they might not be quite so obviously whacked in the head. There are some amazingly gullible performers out there, and though they might be ‘on their guard’ when dealing with customers on the floor of the stripclub, or dealing with fans at a convention, etc., they will often fall for ludicrous deals put forth by someone they think is legitimate, especially if that person is a co-worker, or vouched for by same.

  11. Wonder if the rumor is true that she often has handy a poo bag or accept poo bag requests.
    If you are not familiar with what is a Poo Bag.
    It is a term reserved for one who is on the receiving end of another ” taking a dump” onto another human being. Arguably a case can be made here that such a person who is willing to subject him or herself to such an act may not be human after all. lol

    Ohhh and the Poo maybe carried off in a container of some sort also called a POO BAG.
    Not to be confused with a doggie Bag.

    It is always best that the delivery Boy consumes a quart of Chobani Yogurt a few hours before meeting Trinity

  12. Porn girls regularly make Dubai Porta Potty runs to the Middle East and get paid big money to be degraded by rich arabs. There are stories of girls doing GBs and having sex with dogs for these rich arabs.

    They would never do those things to a Muslim woman but love degrading Western women of low morals.

  13. Speaking of who wants to potty. Mrs Trinity needs to get out her pooper scopper because her house/film location/flop house/ model house/ in call location was raided during a film shoot last week. The neighbors has had enough already. Just wont say who the company was who used the location that day or who were on set. However this indeed has happen and there were many fines issued.

  14. Strange that the last week of March 2017 LAPD Officers came to the house during a film shoot and searched the house and citations were Issued and no one says anything. Already know there will be some noise that no its not true blah blah. Equally as sure the facts will come out and it is true as it will happen again

  15. Nantucket and Billy, I wonder if anyone went to jail over that one. Filming without a permit usually only gets the director and possibly the producer fined (and with the new condom mandate to get a film permit those fines are simply a cost of doing business nowadays) but if there was prostitution going on at the time everyone in the house could have went to get the “five bubba” treatment — even those not involved in anything jailable and it is left to the DA who is charged with pandering, prostitution, drug possession/use/sales, etc — after everyone has been “cooling their heels” with the “five bubba” club for three days pending their arraignment.

  16. @Djoser, not speaking politics, but critical thinking, we have a Commander in Chief that could put on a clinic concerning credible self-delusion. It makes believing that people can engage in these kinds of falsehoods and believe themselves that much more……well…..believable.

  17. XClient, I am sure half of Chatsworth’s adult penises has fucked Ms. St. Whore (excuse me, St. Clair) in her bedroom, her garage, her kitchen, her living room and even on top of her dog. Hell, for an extra $20 I bet she would let a john fuck her dog up the ass. Word has it she is also making quite a dent in the Las Vegas and New York City penis population. There is nothing wrong with prostitution but since it is illegal in 49 1/2 states and escorting/street prostitution is illegal everywhere in the US she needs to be smart about it and not do something that could get her prostitutes or her arrested (or worse). Ripping off her johns credit cards and getting her prostitutes banned off of Eros as well as ripping off her prostitutes via her control of their merchandising sites is also despicable! What a fucking whore!

    Here is a definition for you. Whore — a person that rips someone off or releases their information and activities in a sexual manner without permission. Also, a person that knowingly gives VD to a sexual partner. Picture: Trinity St. Clair sucking a cock. Another picture: Mr. Marcus getting fucked up the ass by a Treasure Island Media bear. Another picture: Mercedes Carrera in her jail uniform, hands cuffed behind her and ankles chained together (oh, I apologize — her picture goes under “Child Fucker”).

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