Richard Nanula, Trinity St Clair, Gregg Dodson, Help U Book book her Samantha Saint What Really Happened

I was avoiding this story until today when Trinity St Clair and Gregg Dodson

Trinity St Clair
Trinity St Clair
and Gregg Dodson name came up. I was contacted and offered “The real story” and I said Lets hear it, and it had what journalists call “The Ring  of Truth” to it so I decided to tell it like it happened and let the chips fall where they may Read More about Trinity

It all started back around last June with Trinity St Clair and Gregg Dodson of help u book her 2 (2012).  This would be before Samantha had signed her Wicked Contract.  Trinity St Claire was contacting girls to do some shoots that were presumably legit.  This shoot was supposed to be a website shoot for Trinity, a boy/girl/girl with a known male talent and Trinity and Samantha Saint.

When they got there while Samantha was in makeup Trinity informed Samantha that it had changed to a boy/girl, and the male talent had also been changed.  As you may have guessed Richard Nanula was the new male performer, when Samantha comes out of makeup she sees a single small camera on a tripod pointed at the bed.

Now Samantha had arguably been around long enough to know by that time that this was more likely a “private” but she chose to go along with it and did the scene.

She was paid about 5x what her normal boy/girl scene rate would have been and the envelope containing the cash said “Capital Investment Group” on it. Several people saw the envelope and someone decided to look into it a bit further.  That  further research on Capital Investment Group turned up a photo of Richard Nanula and Samantha was no longer in doubt that it had not been a professional shoot.

Trinity St Claire started catching some serious criticism so to cover her tracks, she briefly posted the video on her website on or around July 1, , then removed it.   Apparently someone recognized, or figured out, or dropped a dime on who the male was and parts of the video, even though it has been removed, got leaked to who ran with it.

Samantha’s husband is an attorney in Los Angeles and he was approached by Nanula’s attorney with a cash offer to silence Samantha, an offer I am told Samantha didn’t take.

Samantha hasn’t gone on the record on this but my sources tell me that she somewhat obfuscated the facts to her hubby, the contention being whether or not she should have known it was a “private” clearly she should have and it’s likely she simply chose to just take the money and hope for the best.  Now that the story is unravelling she may have some explaining to do to Mister Saint….

This answered a lot of questions that bugged me about the story, like how the video got out to begin with.

So if you wanted to know what really went down, now you do, and I am hearing that Samantha wasn’t the only girl who has done this, just the only one that got out because of the pressure on Trinity and her choosing to put the video up on her site, however briefly, to avoid the appearance that it was in fact prostitution set up by Trinity St Clair and Gregg Dodson



78140cookie-checkRichard Nanula, Trinity St Clair, Gregg Dodson, Help U Book book her Samantha Saint What Really Happened

Richard Nanula, Trinity St Clair, Gregg Dodson, Help U Book book her Samantha Saint What Really Happened

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  1. I don’t want to burst any bubbles cuz we all know how so much of porn today was invented by porn directors of today, you know, like parodies and all that kind of stuff, but here’s some 411: The fake-shoot-but-it’s-actually-a-private thing has been going on for a long time. I know girls ten years ago or more who were doing it regularly. You know, because as long as there was a camera there, it wasn’t prostitution.

  2. Does anyone wonder whether the second guy to lose his career from this affair is going to be Samantha Saint’s husband?

    Litigation is all about trust and judgment, especially corporate litigation. I’m a potential client. I have a big case coming up. Do I want to trust it to a lawyer who appears to be led by his pecker and is married to a porn star who may, unwittingly or not, is involved in some nasty business on the side that cost another executive his job? His employers may ask: What does that say about his judgment?

  3. Thats pretty fucked up. Get sit up by a Porn pimp and a Pornstar whore and lose you’re Hollywood Mainstream “corporate” job.
    Was it really worth it? Dealt it. But the Porn industry is just so full of scuzzy lot lizard types. All out for their selfish self’s.
    YES..You need a real UNION in there and “clean” house BIG TIME!
    Fuck the FSC..Dopers run and lead!

  4. I think they (saint, trinity et al) were all in on it. I think it was one of them that wrote to theDirty. The video appeared no where on any tube, any torrent site, no site rips, nothing. What are the odds of someone who’s a member of trinity’s site seeing the video and knowing that’s it’s nanula and how he likes to book pornstars? Saint even popped up on Eros for a very short time couple years ago so she definitely knew the shoot was fake. Did she fill out 2257? model release? was the test from TTS or CET? Did she see any of the guy’s movies before?

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