Trinity St. Clair is wanted by the law!

I haven’t been in the adult industry as some of you but I’ve been around long enough to know scum when I see it.

So, when I heard the news that Trinity St. Clair has an open warrant for her arrest for shoplifting no less, I couldn’t help but laugh. Of course Trinity St. Clair would have a warrant for her arrest for shoplifting.

Trinity St. Clair Crime

Then something caught my eye, there is a way to report her location to CrimeStoppers and even claim a reward.

So, of course, I had to fill out a report! I mean, I being a good citizen, of course, I had to help the authorities find her.

And guess what? I actually got a response!

The authorities told me that they did, in fact, have an active warrant for her arrest and that it was a state-specific warrant since it was just for shoplifting. But they do take every crime seriously and since she skipped out on her court dates she does have an active warrant for her arrest and will have to own up to her criminal actions if she ever returns to Deleware.

Let us hope that happens soon.

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Trinity St. Clair is wanted by the law!

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12 Responses

  1. Shame on you, Sehkmet. On Trinity’s Twitter, she is posting Fuck Y’all just like August did before she took her own life. You will have her blood on your hands if anything happens to this girl. This is the problem. This site is full of bullying. Beware!

  2. Deepest, I don’t expect Trinity St. Clair to kill herself if that is what you mean. On second thought, maybe you are Ms. St. Clair and threatening suicide. Do you mind if I file a 5150 report on you with the LA County Sheriff’s Department? You will get a nice, comfy straitjacket to make you helpless and be locked in a padded room at UCLA hospital — of course you will also be fed copious amounts of Thorazine or Haldol to help you get “over” your evident desire to kill yourself. I thought not — you need that time to suck dick in Washington DC or New York City to pay for that $200K Bentley and that $1.2 million dollar house. Hope your john’s cum tastes like dog shit.

  3. Shame on me? How about shame on the person who is actually breaking the law? How about shame on the person who is repeatedly committing criminal acts including fraud? Everyone is so quick to claim they are being bullied when they don’t like what someone else says to them. Sorry but it’s not bullying, it’s telling the truth. The truth is Trinity broke the law. I’m sorry that Trinity doesn’t like the fact that we are calling her out on her criminal activity but maybe she should consider not being involved in criminal activity and then we wouldn’t have anything to call her out on. Ever think about that?

  4. Ya gotta be all kind of fucked up 2 try and cover up your criminal activity by using the August Ames suicide. Then again I guess that’s just the kind of person Trinity is. Of course she would play the bully card so that people won’t expose her. Fuck dat bitch.

  5. I can’t prove that “deepest” is Ms. St. Clair but that is what went through my mind when I made my comment. Whomever “deepest” is, he/she is a world class asshole and worse for using the August Ames suicide the way he/she did. Go fuck yourself and then get fucked up the ass with an AIDS infested dick and take its cum deep inside, “deepest” — you will have to remove your head from your ass before you can do so.

  6. Ms. St. Whore is still wanted for the same warrant as of January 2020. Any news on whether Ms. St. Whore is going to go back to Delaware and take care of this matter or if she will be flying Con Air with her hands and ankles chained and wearing a green Con Air uniform to be forcibly taken to court for sentencing? 🙂

    More seriously (although I did seriously just verify her warrant) are there any new and interesting things that Ms. St. Whore has done — maybe like stealing a pack of mints and a small box of condoms from Safeway or an arrest for one of her $35 hooker “garage specials”?

  7. Great! I hope the Rikers Island Screw Gang teach her a lesson when she gets picked up for hooking in Manhattan. 🙂

  8. Wouldn’t it be the famous other Karma (no, not Karmen Karma) if Artie had stolen Ms. St. Whore’s purse — of course filled with $100 bills, a block of stolen cheese, stolen canned cum, an eight ball of the famous white Peruvian Nose Powder (R), a bottle of Xanax and a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20? It would have been great if after stealing Ms. St. Whore’s purse he took her to a cheap hotel room and fucked the shit out of her then leaving her, tied spread-eagle to the bed and her cocklicker full of Artie’s cum for the janitors to find the next afternoon. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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