Hijab Honeys and Burka Babes

Hijab Honeys and Burka Babes are entering porn.

Muslim women are defined by Westerners by what they wear, and in porn this translates into hijab honeys and burka babes. Making a porn with a face covering is relatively niche, there isn’t really that big of a market for it. But when a woman ends up on my doorstep wearing the traditional face covering, she is pious and sees me as her only choice. In this shameful mindset, she is rarely willing to maintain the facial covering on film. Such an act seems sacrilege.

With me, she isn’t expected to work outside of her comfort zone. I do for her what her community has not, offering her the only job I can. It’s not a good solution, but it is a way to pay her bills, so I do it without guilt. By the time I am done with my hijab honey and/or burka babe, no-one will be any the wiser that she is Muslim. Her painted image will disappear into the void of adult content, as one face, ass, tits and pussy among thousands. She, in her piety, with her head wrapped, and without make-up will look nothing like that woman on the screen. Better yet, her community will not go after her because watching porn is also haram/wrong.

Porn featuring hijab honeys and burka babes may use anyone. The head scarf is really nothing more than a costume in the adult industry, no different from a nun’s habit. Sure there are secular Muslims who make porn, both with and without a head covering. But these are Muslims raised in secular nations, Muslims by heritage and tradition, no different than their Christian counterparts. They are only hijab honeys on Fridays, maybe, or if the scene calls for it. Otherwise, they are completely indistinguishable from any other porn chick. They lick and stick, suck and fuck, paddle and peg their respective partners on camera like all the rest. But fully veiled Muslims, real burka babes, in this industry were in fact quite rare. Prior to 2019, I only encountered 2 looking to work with me. Both of whom were refugee widows desperate to support themselves in Europe. But since Covid, I have filmed 5 legitimate burka babes, right here in the USA.

Compromised by the Cost of living

If you follow Islamic tradition, hijab honeys and burka babes should only be seen by their husbands. But this same tradition expects members of the community to look out for each other. In fact, giving is part of the basic foundations (pillars) of Islam. However everyone is experiencing raising costs and what is leftover to give is equally dwindling. I do what I can to support my community, the only way I can, by offering work. It doesn’t pay what it used to, and I am just one lowly producer, but it is more than most girls can make camming in a week or two, so it can be a preferable option. If I feel bad about anything, it’s that women feel that they are compromising their faith for their survival.

The worlds’ hijab honeys and burka babes need to feel proud to be women. Ladies able to keep their sexuality sacred if that is important to them. It’s no one’s desire, to compromise these women or reduce them to a tradable commodity. But that is the reality of things, especially in difficult times. When all else fails, women still have one built in commodity, that can and has been traded for money, food, shelter and in times of war, even life.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your religious background, it doesn’t even matter if you embrace your sexuality and monopolize on this intrinsic value for all it is worth. What matters is that those who wouldn’t otherwise even think about compromising their beliefs ARE in fact actively engaging in things that they should despise. The increase in their numbers is an indicator of troubled times, a warning of dark times ahead. Without anyone fighting for the hijab honeys and burka babes, they have to fight for themselves, using the only weapons they have, their bodies.

Women of strong moral conviction don’t become hijab honeys and burka babes overnight. But in many ways these women can be like the canaries in a coal mine, as they won’t start selling sex unless they really need to. I base these observations on real life experiences, not from something I saw on TV or the Internet. Now I’m not much of a gambler, nevertheless, I’m more than willing to bet that everything happening today is according to someone’s plan.

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Hijab Honeys and Burka Babes

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  1. Interesting article, Unique perspective. Hey, where can I meet up with a Berka Babe. Definitely would want to witness this scene.

  2. Never would I have imagined this. Novel idea for a first times, She might shoot a few more times. So down

  3. She is one brave and Horney girl for sure, after make up and hair done, she would be incognizable, Call her up and shoot another scene with her. Like her already

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