What the Fuck?

A few months ago I got a number of emails asking if I was in the sex raffle through myspace. I said something to the tune of fuck no. Then yesterday I got two emails about it. Apparently I’m on the list (http://www.fuckraffle.net/?page_id=6). Not cool. Let this first be my absolute denial of any and all involvement in the thing. Mine was not the only name I was surprised to see on the list though. Jesse Jane? I can’t honestly see Digital Playground letting that happen. So obviously the people running the site have no intention of actually following through on their end of the raffle. Maybe it’s an obtuse ploy to just direct traffic to their site or gain media attention for some other half baked idea? I don’t know. Either way it’s fucked up.

 Speaking of directing traffic- www.clubkayden.com

22940cookie-checkWhat the Fuck?

What the Fuck?

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  1. woah, is your site up and running now kayden??? i never got the email notice that i signed up for. im gonna join.

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