Overheard Last Night At Flamingo Showclub

One of the DJs said “Hell they should let South (me) fix that fucking Gulf Oil thing, he has laid more pipe than all of em.

At which point the other said i know how to fix it, just put a big wedding band on it, it will stop putting out.

It’s good to be back…..

39030cookie-checkOverheard Last Night At Flamingo Showclub

Overheard Last Night At Flamingo Showclub

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5 Responses

  1. I could care less about the scooter…but I’d never hurt a peeler, unless she asked me to. Although, I would like to thank the DJ for making the comment. It was the immediate swelling of South’s head that pushed the Hurricane away from the gulf spill and saved me a lot of hassle.

  2. Why is it that nobody ever says “by the grace of Satan”? And God, what’s this shit about you “smiting” (your word, not mine) Mike’s server yesterday morning. Yeah, that was real adult of you.

  3. Please, Bob, you’re not fooling anyone. Neither is South. That sucker gets charged every night. The Southaround, not South.

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