From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

The woman slept most of the flight, but awoke about 20 minutes before landing when the pilot announced the plane was on descent into Los Angeles. When the woman opened her eyes, she saw that an unknown man had moved into the seat next to her and was staring at her as he masturbated, the suit states.

The woman turned toward the window in embarrassment and in an act of nervousness began to run her fingers through her hair where she noticed “a substantial amount of an extremely sticky substance in her hair,” the suit states.

The woman began to cry and tried to get the attention of a flight attendant, but was unsuccessful, the suit states. Finally a passenger in the row in front of the woman comforted her and verified the semen in her hair, the suit states. When the plane landed, employee called airport police and the man was arrested.

This one I have decided to pass without comment. You’ll not goad ME into wit about this sad event( Man! She was ICEY ). Nope, no sir, not even a rare Ann Coulter reference. I am going to CONTROL my urge to make fun of that broad, her deserving rebuff of my, er, SOME fellows advances on that flight. No comments about her uptight hairstyle or man hating demeanor. Or how quick I was able to get stiff and pop a load…uh, I mean SOME OTHER GUY’s ability, or for that matter the urging of other passengers that she deserved it.

No matter how much you ask.

Why I wasn’t even ON that flight. From DFW  to LA… I don’t think. Not me.


Gee Whiz! Lawyers are expensive! 


Brian in Powder Springs 

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It Wasn’t Me

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