Time to stop spreading misinformation to further your own agenda

A few years ago a brand new performer, barely 19 years old was sent to do a scene with Evil Angel. She was not told that the owner John Stagliano was HIV positive and that he didn’t participate in the industry testing system.

So this HIV+, untested producer wouldn’t dare try and have sexual contact with her, right?

Well, he did. He penetrated her vagina with his fingers and attempted to finger fuck her ass as well. He also put his tongue on her pussy and ground his erect penis against her.

It would be months later that she would find out that John Stagliano was HIV positive. This information was not disclosed to her.

While they did not have vaginal sex, still she should have been told the truth. She should have had the right to make a decision based on the facts. Facts that were kept from her by her agent, by the director and by John Stagliano himself.

When she attempted to sue him, she was facing a very rich man with big lawyers who in the end, proved to be too much for her – she just couldn’t afford to keep paying massive legal bills so she had to drop the case.

The Free Speech Coalition didn’t come to her defense. In fact, they didn’t say a single thing publicly on her behalf.

Fast forward a few years later and Eric the former head of the FSC started to tell people that it was perfectly okay to have sex with an HIV positive person and they don’t have to tell you shit. It’s none of your business what someone’s status is.

He would often say that if a person was on their meds and their levels were low enough that our current testing system couldn’t detect their level of HIV, then they couldn’t give it to you.

This is false.

It is unlikely but it is possible.

This is not my personal opinion. This is a scientific fact, provided to us by the CDC.

My argument has always been that a person has the right to know if the person they are about to have sex with his HIV positive or not. Then a person can make an informed decision on what they want to do.

If I’m going to have sex with a guy, I have every right to know his status. Our entire testing system is based on this fact. So who is the FSC to tell us otherwise?

Members of the APAG (@APAGunion) have decided to settle this debate once and for all and they contacted the CDC directly to find out.

Here is what the CDC said.

From: CDCInfo <[email protected]>
Date: May 1, 2018 at 10:51:51 AM PDT
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Subject: FW: RESPONSE REQUIRED: Topic: Undetectable HIV/ Load, Priority: Medium, Mode: Email  [ref:_00DU0YCBU._500t09kewU:ref][Case#:CDC-04280-W7C3Z1] CRM:0021243
Thank you for your inquiry to CDC-INFO. Your request for information was forwarded to the CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention. We hope you find their reply helpful.
Thank you for submitting your inquiry.
To help answer your question,
      1. If someone is stating: ” People (actors) are quoting CDC as saying undetectable HIV means you cannot transmit HIV to others.” then these people (performers) are misquoting CDC.  CDC states that there is “effectively no risk of transmission” based on available evidence. This statement is subject to limitations included on the CDC’s website here and I encourage the writer to carefully review this website https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/art/index.htmland this fact sheet:  https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/pdf/risk/art/cdc-hiv-art-viral-suppression.pdf.
      1. Achieving and maintaining viral suppression are required to achieve this level of risk and we know from extensive clinical experience and our surveillance that only about two thirds of Americans with HIV infection are able to do this.  Furthermore, many details have yet to be worked out, for instance: how long it takes to achieve an undetectable viral load, how to document that a person is maintaining a viral load that is undetectable, and what to do if the person misses some doses of their HIV medicine has an STD or experiences a “viral blip”.

Did you see that?

If someone is stating: ” People (actors) are quoting CDC as saying undetectable HIV means you cannot transmit HIV to others.” then these people (performers) are misquoting CDC.

When it comes to performer’s safety and well being we have to be upfront and honest and help them make informed decisions about what is right for them.

We aren’t saying you should or shouldn’t bang a guy with HIV. We are just saying tell us the truth so we can make our own decision.


If you would like to stay informed about this subject follow the APAG union on twitter @APAGunion.


534560cookie-checkTime to stop spreading misinformation to further your own agenda

Time to stop spreading misinformation to further your own agenda

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