FSC Issues Coronavirus Advisory; No Adult Industry Production Hold Yet #COVID19

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) issued a coronavirus advisory Friday, but declined to yet call an industry-wide or regional production hold due to the emerging coronavirus pandemic.

We are in full support of the producers and studios that have suspended production, and encourage others to do the same should they feel it is warranted. However, with the wide variety of production, including self-produced and custom content, and the lack of a specific COVID-19 risk to performers, we are not yet issuing a blanket ban.

When FSC has called a production hold in the past, we have shut down all on-set sexual activity, no matter where produced or with whom, in order to stop further transmission of HIV or another STI within the performer pool. Coronavirus, while serious, is not specific to adult production.

While we are monitoring public health departments, we do not believe that a mandatory production hold is warranted at this time. We are wary of cutting off performers’ ability to generate income by prematurely restricting their ability to work while risk is low—especially with the potential for a longer and larger business shutdown looming. Cutting off performers from the PASS testing system has the potential to more negatively impact the health of our community than the current risk of exposure.

We are asking that performers and producers who continue to shoot be incredibly vigilant and take common-sense precautions, including educating performers and crew about prevention, limiting the size of sets, and discontinuing air travel whenever possible.

We strongly encourage everyone to follow all recommendations from local public health agencies and the CDC regarding coronavirus prevention. Do not take chances with your health and the health of others. Whether you are a performer, producer or crew member, only you can make the decision as to whether continuing to work is right for you.

We may call a production hold in the future, as circumstances continue to change.

Two examples of situations we are monitoring that could result in a production hold:

Production hubs like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Miami: If the public health agency or local government in one of those hubs takes extreme measures to lock down the area to prevent the spread of the virus, we will call a production hold in that region, in accordance with those orders.

Reports of infection among performers: If we receive reports of performers infected with coronavirus, we will investigate those the same way we investigate a PASS test panel that comes back with a result of not clear. That investigation could lead to a production hold that is either regional or national.

Alert us immediately at [email protected] if you or someone you have had contact with tests positive for the coronavirus. Your information can be kept private.

For additional information, contact your local public health officials.

560150cookie-checkFSC Issues Coronavirus Advisory; No Adult Industry Production Hold Yet #COVID19

FSC Issues Coronavirus Advisory; No Adult Industry Production Hold Yet #COVID19

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  1. A production hold would be asinine but there is a real concern for performers passing around what is essentially the modern version of 2009’s Swine Flu on steroids (although of a different strain). Performers, if you are sick please DO NOT go in to work, call in sick. I think most directors would understand considering the situation. Once COVID-19 starts spreading in the performer and director population this industry could have a big problem. It would be a big problem if the industry had half of its talent and crew die from this. Again, if you are sick, please DO NOT go in to work, do the responsible thing and call in sick. You wouldn’t work with VD or BV (ok, maybe Mr. Marcus would), don’t work with what could possibly be Swine Flu on steroids and take out half of the industry along with you!

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