Ariel Demure, Emma Rose and Siri Dahl Made Me Want a New Mattress

Oopsie! has done it again. This time, three stunning adult superstars go from zero to threesome in as much time as it takes you to gear up your interactive toy for this sexy encounter.

In Oopsie!’s new episode, Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft, we get the full ride: A gorgeous brunette, a redhead with absolutely every right curve, and–okay, it would feel well-rounded to say the third is a blonde, but she’s actually more like a mix between the red hair and the darker hair. It’s fine, I promise you won’t miss the light locks (but if you do, check out one of my personal favorite blondes right here)
The premise is simple. Two roomies need a brand-new mattress for their place. One roommate is (quite understandably) paying far more attention to the store clerk than the mattress selection. After all, why bother with a bed when there’s such a perfect creature to get into one with?
Once you get to this spot, you’ll be thrilled about the double redhead situation. There’s something twin-vibes about it, and no one at Mike South is feeling upset about that. It’s wordless to this point, carrying us through the basics of the scene with an energetic music fit for a silent movie. Even when Ariel Demure teases roomie Emma Rose with a light ass-tap, the music plays on, just as Rose carries on with her shopping experience. But Demure is not to be ignored.
Cue Siri Dahl, who is utterly breathtaking and probably not great at actually selling mattresses. Or, perhaps, is very, very good at selling mattresses. Just look at those butts bouncing on the mattress. Right? Yes. I’ll purchase that, Miss Dahl. Oh, you also tuck in the customer? Well then, I’ll take two and be back next week for a third.
Next, Demure’s hidden length is revealed under the covers. Dahl, being the impressive salesperson she is, naturally helps out with an enthusiastic blowjob. With piano music still chirping away in the background, Emma Rose takes notice of the lovers at last.
With only the briefest and sweetest moment of good-natured hesitation, Rose lifts the blankets and inserts herself firmly into the waiting Dahl. From here, the music fades out and we’re privy to the moans and affirmations of this threesome. Frankly, it sounds a whole lot better than any mattress store music I’ve ever heard. 
Every position is hit, and every participant is in top form in Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft. Strangely, the glaring “SALE” sign behind actually enhances this scene (don’t ask why, but I liked it). 

Shining Gold stars awarded to this scene’s finale cumshot, which felt exactly like the spurting fun I’ve always dreamed of when mattress shopping. 

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Ariel Demure, Emma Rose and Siri Dahl Made Me Want a New Mattress

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