A Male Performer Supports Condoms

This time I was contacted by a well known and respected male performer who is for condoms.  He is tired of being exposed to 3 STDs a month and notes that he can work with condoms so it would get him more work and weed out a lot of the “amateurs that shouldn’t even be performing.”

He is the second male performer to email to me that he supports condoms in porn, mostly I hear from the females.

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A Male Performer Supports Condoms

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13 Responses

  1. Mike, why doesn’t this male performer identify himself???
    If he is well known and respected in the industry and he comes out in support of condoms, he might inspire other performers, to speak out in favor of condoms, that might otherwise be to scared to say anything right now, for fear of being blacklisted.

  2. I’d love to understand this guys logic. How exactly will it get him more work and how exactly will it weed anyone out? People in porn seem to think that if they say something it automatically makes it true. Its that type of stupidity that as people like Jenna Jameson doing web cam shows a few years after she “retired” from the business. No one “retires” from porn unless there is some magical hidden porno pension fund that no one except Christian Mann knows about. Porn needs a good house cleaning. Guys like danny ocean of dannyoceansadventures.com are not male talent. They are “tricks” that video tape themselves with escorts and porn girls. I wonder what Rob “Mr. Meth” Black has to say about guys like Danny Ocean. There are a bunch of them shooting ALOT of bareback and creampie scenes. Maybe Lizzy Borden wants to shoot with one of them? Rent is gonna be due soon.

  3. I wouldn’t want you to out him.
    That was my point. I thought maybe HE could come out and identify himself to inspire other performers that are to scared to admit they are in favor of condoms for fear of losing work to speak out… but since he is also afraid…that is understandably not going to happen.

  4. lol this makes no sense. he thinks he’ll get more work, but he’s afraid to reveal his ‘support’ of condoms. Sorry but I don’t buy it

  5. Like most performers male and female he doesnt want to lose work. I would also point out that theres no way in hell Id out him…..for me his valid point was he would get more work and I believe that to be true for him but until its all condom it would likely kill his work.

  6. I know Kate and it has to be his choice…I know a girl who was adamant about no condoms who now thinks condom only should be law youd be surprised who all is now leaning that way because of recent events. eventually more and more will prolly come out

  7. This is almost like the gays coming out of the closet a few years ago only this time they are wearing masks and then run back into the closet and lock the door. Not crying bullshit but honestly…who even remotely gives a crap what this guy thinks unless he throws a name behind it.

  8. I buy it for two reasons…one I know the guy quite well and two if I were in his position Id probably do the same

    That said you guys are RIGHT to be skeptical I wouldnt blindly trust me if I were yall….do your own digging, decide for yourselves just because it passes the sniff test for me doesnt mean it would for you and lots of times y’all have even changed MY mind on things. ALWAYS question authority

  9. Yeah, it doesn’t really show anything if one nameless performer who’s status in the business we don’t know says he likes the idea. If he was a big name maybe.

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