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GUILTY on all 5 counts!   *Previous comment was relayed to me via Mike South while he was on the road.

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Happy Birthday!!

Every now and then you see something that you just HAVE to take a picture of.  You need to know that TWO MANLY EGOS are involved here. This was taken

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A Deep Sea Experience

I’ve had lots of experiences that some people will never have. I’m a do-er, not a watcher. I believe LIFE is something to be experienced to the fullest, not sit

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Hunter Writes…

Real Men … RESPECT  I’d like to thank Mike for the opportunity to share a few thoughts, while at the same time apologize because I already know that my writing

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In Response To Goddess…

OK…..the location/s is/are not confirmed, but….my secret spy sources have captured a few pics via satellite, surveillance, cell phones, etc… and sent them to me. Judge for yourself…..any guesses? Hmmm???

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Sneak Peek!

Yes, I’m posting a sneak peek, Mike! I’ll let you divulge all the details at your leisure. We sure had fun yesterday, didn’t we? Here’s a little something OhioFlyBoy might recognize… 

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Real Women

I’ve been reading the “Real Men” series and I must agree with just about everything, so far. Where have all the John Waynes gone?? But being a woman, a REAL

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