A Deep Sea Experience

I’ve had lots of experiences that some people will never have. I’m a do-er, not a watcher. I believe LIFE is something to be experienced to the fullest, not sit back and watch others have all the fun. I’m not content with just looking at pictures and reading stories, but I hope you will be ( just for a few minutes ).

Hunter and I were invited to go deep sea fishing in Florida with Mike this past summer. We made all the arrangements, shopped for things we thought we’d need and packed the car up tight! We arrived before Mike and Kayden, went to our room and relaxed with a beer on the balcony, overlooking the ocean. When Mike called, we went down to meet them. (I snuck off a few yards to the beach, to wiggle my toes in the sand.) It was late and Kayden was tired from the flight to Atlanta and the long drive to Florida so we all retired to our rooms for the evening.

The alarm was set for 4am (I don’t start breathing until 7am! I AM NOT a morning person.), and we all trudged out of bed and got showers and coffee. There was a series of unfortunate events that led to us actually getting out on the water around 10am……..haha Mike!

Well, it’s hard to describe the excitement that had built up for weeks!

The details are long and many, but never boring! I’m just going to hit the highlights and tell you what you can expect if you go………

First, a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong, bumpy boat ride! water1.jpg

As you can see, this water is very calm. Ours was NOT! Anyway, the ride out to the best fishing spots takes a while, so be prepared.

There are so many wonderful sights to see! We saw flying fish everywhere!flyingfish.jpg

There were a couple of LARGE sea turtles, too.


We even had a couple of dolphins following our boat and hanging around. Kayden and I enjoyed watching them, until…………..ggic99nx.jpg

they took alot of the fish off of our lines as we were reeling them in! Dirty little bastards! LOL (*Note: Ours were not as pretty as these! )

Hunter caught a Dusky Shark that was about 7 feet long!dusky-shark.jpg

But, the best has been saved for last! JULIE………if you ever get the chance to go deep sea fishing with Mike, keep your eye out for the Elusive Scooter Man! (Not to be confused with Waldo!)Notice the protective headgear, with flames on it, and the ankle protecting shoes. It’s definitely a sight to behold! Fortunately, I snapped this pic right before he drove off!


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A Deep Sea Experience

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  1. It took nerves of steel to capture that photo. Gotta give Lady H credit. I was there, tried to get video, but was too shaken up. Trust me, it’s even scarier in person!

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