The Reason this site Supplements My Income….

For those of you who have had the IMMENSE PLEASURE of meeting Hunter, my “old man”, here is a little treat! WooHoo! A little background first…..Hunter likes to party……ALOT! He sometimes has a habit of getting very inebriated and then, for some STRANGE reason, picking up his phone to let others know how good a time he’s having. Well, those who know Mike South know that he’s not a big “phone talker” kinda guy. I’m not either. I say what needs to be said, then hang up. Not HUNTER! NOOOOOOOOOO! He’s sure that there’s a “story” you haven’t heard for the 27th time. (Go ahead….roll your eyes like I do.) Anywhoo, I was once privy to a little conversation between Mike and Hunter, where Mike was asking Hunter not to call him after his 3rd drink………….this is what I captured. (Feel free to imitate Hunter anytime you see him. I do…..often! He enjoys it!)

Never Argue With A Drunk!

39940cookie-checkThe Reason this site Supplements My Income….

The Reason this site Supplements My Income….

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