GUILTY on all 5 counts!


*Previous comment was relayed to me via Mike South while he was on the road.

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2 Responses

  1. Not porn year in Ca from people pushing condoms in porn vally to goverment win frist obscenity case ever there. Here kicker now goverment know how win obscenity case there expect more of them come there. Hardcorp porn might be leave Los Angles becuase it lose battle be there special now Ca court declair obscenity not cover under 1st Amendment. Nay sayer that have said Mike in past that so full shit on issues like this well fat lady sing is not song that make many in porn indusrty rich or happy any more.

  2. Based on what I could see, this is pretty much a slam dunk – and GOOD for the porn industry. I feel bad any time someone in the “porn world” is found guilty, yet at the same time, it’s pretty clear: Scat is obscene.

    I think though at the end of the day it’s a good thing for the rest of us, this ruling sets a flag WAY OVER THERE that defines something obscene. There is another flag WAY OVER THE OTHER SIDE where Max Hardcore was working.

    Stay between those two flags, and you are unlikely ever to have to deal with the issue of obscenity.

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