In Response To Goddess…

OK…..the location/s is/are not confirmed, but….my secret spy sources have captured a few pics via satellite, surveillance, cell phones, etc… and sent them to me. Judge for yourself…..any guesses?

Wonder where his camera is…???

And who are these two lovelies??
This is Lady Hunter reporting for And now, back to you, Goddess………

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In Response To Goddess…

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  1. I tried to tell Mike he’d regret giving her access to post stuff like this. Would he listen to me???… NOOOOO

    Goddess, I’m guessing he traded in the glasses for contacts in an effort to increase his “animal magnetism”

  2. actually goddess of oddness a lot of people know but I dont want it out just yet so I aint giving a pro like you any clues, I can tell you that you kinda sorta hit near it in one respect and are way way off in every other

    One thing for sure this is a REAL MAN vacation…no eiffel fucking tower here

  3. Wait…WHAT?! Other people know and you didn’t bother to tell me?!

    That’s it. We’re through. I’m not stalking you ever again. Not even on special occasions!

  4. Winn-Dixie?! Wow, I should have such a classy grocery store in this neighborhood! And Boones Farm? Who could afferd that stuff? Too rich for my blood…

  5. Ok, I am ready to officially go on record as saying I think he’s either in Brazil OR some place like Taiwan or Bangkok because one night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble and South ain’t NEVER experienced humble before.

  6. lol paruresis…i had to look that one up…funny and true but i have accepted it so no treatment

    k heres a few clues coca cola tastes a lot better here

    there are three news channels here at the hotel, Fox news, The BBC and Aljazeera

    of the three Aljazeera is hands down the best.

    I am visiting several places on this trip im talking about where I am right now

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