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donovanosis - Flesh Eating STD
XXX Insider

Flesh-eating STD making a comeback

We may have just found the real reason Stormy Daniels bailed on her Celebrity Big Brother gig. Researches are now warning that a ‘flesh-eating’ STD is making a comeback after

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Dylan Snow
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More legal troubles for Dylan Snow?

You hear about Dylan Snow? _ REDACTED _ kicked his ass and the cops had to come. _ REDACTED _was charged with violating Section P273.5a and had to appear before the

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
Porn Stars
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Let’s talk frankly about STIs

More than 3 million people a year are infected with chlamydia each year and it’s the most common STI for people under 25. In porn, people love to spread the

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