Be responsible for your own health tests

These days talking sense is a lost cause


You’ll never win any argument on the Internet when you’re a capitalist or you practice common sense.

To quote Gene Hunt, “you can’t change the world, only live in it.” and 2020 was proof of that.   Well, when you’re in the sex industry you shouldn’t be concerned with remaking modern society, your agenda should be trying to make money from its insanity.

The last 2 years should have been an explosive boom for hookers and the jizz biz.  The ignorant masses got terrified into self-imposed solitary confinement by cable news blowhards and social media’s political agendas.

Our result is a large population of lonely people that are desperate for any kind of physical contact and people that have become addicted to porn.  However, today’s sex industry is mostly comprised of civilians, those exact same people that are frightened for their lives.

It’s not my job to console anyone about the world is an unfair and unsafe place, and I don’t see any profit in trying.  Also, I  have the bedside manner of a pornstar, not a nurse, so I don’t want to know about your health issues, physical or mental.   Anyone can get vaccinated against Covid today and die of something else by the end of a week.

From a porn producer’s perspective, the only responsibility that I feel towards talent safety on my sets is that their work environment is clean and safe. Legal safety, no minors onset; structural safety, we won’t be doing any underwater or high-wire acrobatics and personal safety, no one is going to be assaulted by some nut case criminal.

But porn talent is independent contractors and having once been in their shoes, I know so the onus of anything else is on them.  Actually, I’m not aware of any producer that pays for STI tests, since performers work for a multitude of different pornographers, they’re not direct employees. – This is how the industry works

In all of my contracts, I’ve got several clauses that reiterate these facts.  Specifically, that the signatory performer is NOT a direct employee of mine, that s/he understands the possible health risks and s/he agrees to not hold my company responsible for any of these risks should they occur.

When I book 2 or more people to work together what I do is place them in contact with each other and let them discuss the situation several days before they arrive on set.  Whatever agreement or understanding that they come to is not my concern.  In short, it’s the adult industry and I treat talent like adults.

The problem many producers have is in the word “adult” and just because someone is 19 years old it doesn’t mean that they’re mature.  A 19-year-old woman with the maturity of a 13-year-old has seldom had problems finding anyone to film her if she’s gorgeous.  Hell, in this business, a woman can be in her 40s and a total screwball, but she’ll still get work if she’s gorgeous or cheap.

The people creating porn can be just as juvenile as some talent because they can’t figure out that booking problematic talent is a recipe for trouble.   — So obviously, having copies of everyone’s STI test on file is going to legally protect them.

The early 2000s’ saw a hell of a lot of puerile behavior in the money shot industry, where I got bit many times.  Perhaps this is the main reason why I’ll never be a big-shot pornographer making movies worth more than $100k.

I have the liberty of being picky and enjoy the predictability that I’ve created for myself.  There’s a lot to be said for being off-grid and in control of your own situation, the least of which is the peace of mind that I’m not responsible for anyone else’s life but your own.


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Be responsible for your own health tests

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