Lana Rhoades speaks out about European Syphilis Outbreak

Lana Rhoades today posted her test results because as many know she was in Europe last month. Luckily she is clean. However, she almost wasn’t so lucky because at least one of the people she was scheduled to shoot with tested positive for syphilis.

LANA RHOADES: The syphilis outbreak is scary as I was in Europe last month! I just got my tests results back and I’m negative.

I feel so blessed because the shoot that I walked out from while in Europe, 1 of the 4 guys is syphilis positive. If I hadn’t left Budapest that day later in the week I would have worked with someone else who is now positive. Always follow your gut.

Thank you to whoever is watching over me & I hope everyone who wasn’t as lucky heals quickly

If you were outside of the United States in the last 90 days and had sex with anyone go and get tested. It’s always better to know for sure, don’t you think?

Lana Rhoades did the right thing and got tested. Will you?



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Lana Rhoades speaks out about European Syphilis Outbreak

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3 Responses

  1. She makes it sound like VD is a Europe only problem and not industry wide (including the US). It easily could have happened here. Especially with guys like Mr. Marcus (who is supposedly back working).

  2. It did happen here a few years ago thanks to Mr. Marcus (the guy Karma mentioned above), I hope he learned his lesson on performing with VD and hiding test results from other performers and producers. Unfortunately more than two people ended up with syphilis at that point (some reports claimed up to 18). To his credit the one American producing in Budapest (“Porno” Dan Leal) stopped production of scenes with sexual penetration by other humans immediately upon the Syphilis outbreak being announced (he did allow Gina Gerson to perform in a live solo scene for his live performance site after the syphilis announcement — since a person can’t give Syphilis to him/herself that shouldn’t be a problem IMO).

    I am glad that Lana is syphilis (and hopefully VD) free. With the two-test system we use to detect syphilis in the adult film industry here we can usually detect a infection within 15 days of infection. Whether I would perform that quickly after knowingly being exposed to syphilis in another part of the world or whether I would wait and retest again in another 14 days before performing I really couldn’t say (I am slightly leery of quick test claims although I acknowledge they do detect much quicker than standard testing done on most civilians).

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