Let’s talk about how you can improve your #Instagram

Right now everyone is looking for ways to make more money with their OnlyFans. The one sure-fire way to do that is to improve your social media presence. Today we are going to talk specifically about Instagram.

Instagram isn’t like Twitter. On Twitter, you will want to post 5+ times a day to get any traction, but on Instagram, you want to post only once a day. But you want to make sure and post once a day, every single day. Skipping days will hurt your momentum.

With Instagram, you want to work their algorithm. But you’ll only have success in doing that if you post once a day, every single day.

So what time should you post? Well, each person is different. There is no one universal time that is right for everyone because everyone’s audience is different.

I pulled up the analytics on three of my clients and all three of them had different “best times” to post because they all have different audiences.

  • Person A: Between 10 am and 12 noon
  • Person B: Between 2 pm and 4 pm
  • Person C: Between 4 and 6 pm

I use Later.com to post, so I’m able to see far more detail statistics than through just the app itself. They offer a free version, so I suggest you try it out. Not only do they give you stats that are invaluable, but they also offer scheduling and hashtag search which is a GREAT feature! But we’ll get more into hashtags later. Let’s just say if you aren’t using Later.com to manage your social media you are doing yourself a disservice.

Beyond posting once a day, every day, you’ll also want to pay close attention to what you post and how you describe it.

We all know you can’t post sexual content on Instagram so I won’t even go into that, but what I will say is, where most people go wrong is that they don’t bother to post a captivating caption with each and every post.

Just posting a picture isn’t enough. You aren’t giving their algorithm anything to work with. You have to write a caption for every single post you make. Let’s look at a sample post …

You not only want a pretty picture, but you also want a captivating captions and appropriate hashtags. You are only making one post a day on Instagram so put the effort into the caption. You want it to be more than 4 words, ideally, you’ll also want a few emojis as they stand out when a person is scrolling down the timeline. And you want to use hashtags.  You can’t get “discovered” by new accounts if you aren’t allowing Instagram a chance to feature your posts. Come on, use hashtags, you are crazy for not using them.

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, although ideally you really only want to use about 10 to 15. That’s the sweet spot.

Posts with well written out captions get a much higher rate of engagement. The higher the engagement is on your post, the more likely Instagram’s algorithm is to push it to other people – and the more people that see your post, the more likely you are to get new followers.

See how it all works together?

Now let’s talk about growing your following. The easiest way is to post every day using good captions, great pictures, and appropriate hashtags. But you can also use a little friend to friend promotion to help you get a little boost.

Do Shoutout for Shoutouts really work?


The short answer is yes, for the most part, they do but only if you do REAL shoutouts with real friends. Buying shoutouts has been proven time and again not to work.

A shoutout for shoutout (sfs) is where you and a friend each post a story promoting the other person. Here is a sample graphic. You post this in your story making sure to tag @IsabelleDeltore and then she will do the same for you.

Now here are some rules to follow to ensure success ….

Check the account before you agree to do an exchange and make sure the person has about the same number of followers as you do. It’s the only way to ensure a fair exchange. If a person doesn’t have the same # of followers as you do, maybe you can make them an offer and say you’ll post it twice (the story stays up for 24 hours).

Make sure that you don’t load up your account with nothing but shoutouts. Do only one or two a day max. Don’t bother doing shoutouts with girls that have a zillion of them already in their stories.

Check the account first. If you click their stories and see they have a bunch of other shoutouts posted, don’t waste your time with that person.

If you ask three people to do a SFS, and they all agree at the same time, let them know you’ll do theirs on a specific date. Like say person one, okay I’ll post your today. Then contact person two and say okay great, I’ll post yours tomorrow, and then contact person three and say – great, I’ll post yours on Thursday.

As long as you are honest, people will more than understand and also appreciate that you are doing it the right way, which ensures their shoutout gets the maximum exposure.

Make a goal to do at least 5 to 10 SFS a month. Really put in the effort because it’s a great way to grow your account.

We’ve covered a lot of ground, so, for now, I’ll leave it at that. But we’ll talk more about other things you can do in the future.

656780cookie-checkLet’s talk about how you can improve your #Instagram

Let’s talk about how you can improve your #Instagram

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