Alana Evans Leads The Charge to Fight Back Against Instagram’s Censorship

Over the years I admit I’ve not been a big fan of the APAG. Some of their board members and I totally don’t see eye to eye. However today I have to say I respect their effort to take a stand against Instagram’s policy of banning porn stars who haven’t even violated their rules — some of them were just being banned because they were porn stars.

APAG and specifically Alana Evans has fought hard and is even meeting with reps from Instagram next week to see what can be done to stop the blatant censorship.

Listen I get it, if a girl violates their rules (any girl not just a porn star) then ban their account, but to ban an account who hasn’t violated their rules is so wrong!

AVN Hall of Famer Alana Evans, who serves as president of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) and has been a leading activist in assisting the adult community with recovering their Instagram accounts.

The appeal form you need to fill out to try and get your Instagram account back can be found by clicking here. Be sure to mention APAG in your appeal. I know a few people have had better luck when they did that.

APAG (Adult Performers Actors Guild) is also organizing an #InstaStrike where adult performers organize and protect outside the Instagram offices in both Los Angeles and New York on June 19, 2019. You can find out more about the organized protest by clicking here.

478130cookie-checkAlana Evans Leads The Charge to Fight Back Against Instagram’s Censorship

Alana Evans Leads The Charge to Fight Back Against Instagram’s Censorship

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  1. I wish them well but I will be shocked if performers show up on June 19th in any numbers.

  2. I believe they rented out luxury buses and received an on going donation for the trip and more.
    This one is going to get interesting. Since Instagram offered to sit with them at a discussion table they may have already achieved their goal. They did well Karmafan. Better this than inviting a bunch of retards to go bowl and get fucked up on a roof top

  3. I think Instagram, Facebook, et. al. are being pressured by government officials to ban adult film industry connected accounts. It is not to their advantage to ban accounts that have been following their rules otherwise. If some FBI or other DOJ agent tells them to ban certain accounts or face increased government scrutiny they will do it as it is the cheapest and easiest thing to do. Of course the government would try to keep such a campaign quiet. Maybe Omid is that government agent attempting to operate undercover. With the current conservative government in office this sounds like the most likely to be correct explanation. I wish I had the definitive answer but this sounds more likely than people working for Facebook and Instagram acting because they hate porn. Majority owner (of both sites) Mark Zuckerberg is a bro type guy and they usually love porn, he does seem the type to take the path of least resistance, though — and that includes dealing with the government in the easiest and cheapest manner.

  4. Excellent work Mrs Alana Evens. I cannot even imagine how much time and effort went into this.

  5. @gustavoXBIZ deserves credit. He’s been researching and writing about Instagram’s discrimination against SWs for months.

  6. I read the coverage. I think Alana handled herself very well. Ruby, however, not so much. She was very aggressive and unprofessional.

    And yes Hop sing I agree, Gustavo has done an amazing job covering this story for the industry. Love him to death.

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