Legal Sex Worker Roxanne Price Takes Aim at Las Vegas Sex Doll Brothel @RoxannePriceGFE

Earlier this month, we told readers about Las Vegas‘ first sex doll brothel, which was open for business during the city’s biggest annual trade show, CES 2020. Now, a licensed sex worker is sounding an alarm that the robotic house of ill repute may represent a first step to a “sex robot takeover” of the Vegas sex industry.

Roxanne Price, 25, is taking aim at “Sex Dolls Experience,” a doll brothel that claims to be the first of its kind in Sin City. Price discovered the existence of the doll brothel, which opened in November of 2019, when word of the establishment started circulating throughout the Vegas sex work community and she stumbled upon the doll brothel’s website:
Legal Sex Worker Roxanne Price Takes Aim at Las Vegas Sex Doll Brothel
Roxanne Price
Price is currently a sex worker at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel located on the outskirts of Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada, where prostitution is legal in the form of regulated bordellos. She’s outraged that, in order to lawfully practice her trade, she must travel to a neighboring county and abide by strict prostitution regulations, while a sex doll den can apparently operate freely in the city and take full advantage of the multitude of libidinous tourists flocking to Vegas annually.
“I love my job as a Vegas-area legal prostitute. I work hard to comply with all of the regulations in Nevada and I’m happy to travel to nearby rural areas in order to legally sell my sexual services. But, this doll brothel is a slap in the face to me and the other hard-working sex workers that are trying to make our way in the world.”
Prostitution is illegal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. Pahrump is located about an hour’s drive from Vegas in neighboring Nye County, where regulated brothels are permitted. Price is unaware of any laws that restrict or regulate sex doll bordellos in Nevada.
Price believes that doll brothels, if kept unchecked, may eventually lead to sex robot brothels popping up throughout the city as sex technology continues to advance and legislators struggle to keep up with rapid advances in sex tech.
“This sex doll brothel could be a stepping stone to a sex robot takeover of the Las Vegas area sex industry,” Price said. “While human prostitutes are mired in legal red tape, doll brothels don’t have to worry about complying with any restrictive legislation. It’s as if sex dolls and sex robots have more rights and freedom than actual human sex workers.”
“This sex doll brothel may look like a quaint novelty today, but in a couple of years, with advancements in Artificial Intelligence and robotics, a proliferation of sex robot brothels could create serious competition for human sex workers,” Price said.
Price believes that the answer to a potential catastrophe for human sex workers is to legalize prostitution in Las Vegas.
“Sex dolls and sex robots shouldn’t have an edge over human sex workers,” Price said. “We should be given a fighting chance against sex dolls. Sex-for-money transactions between consenting adults should no longer be criminalized in Las Vegas so that human sex workers are no longer marginalized and stigmatized.”
“An inanimate object should never have more freedom that a human being,” Price said.
Roxanne Price
This is not the first time Price lifted the lid on the potential negative consequences of sex doll brothels. In 2018, when doll brothels started popping up in Europe, Price told The Sun that sex doll clients may be conditioned to treat human sex workers disrespectfully.
Prince fears the normalization of the idea that men should merely disgorge themselves into passive female flesh.
“The idea that women should be like dolls – unresponsive and lethargic during sex – is downright dangerous,” said Price.
“I feel that sex doll brothels support the idea that sex workers are mere objects, devoid of agency, to be used and abused by their patrons,” Price said.
“Men should not be using sex dolls as training wheels for seeing a human sex worker.”
Roxanne Price

Originally from Texas, Price has been practicing her trade as a legal prostitute since age 19, beginning her career at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Carson City, Nevada before moving to the Las Vegas area. She is a vocal advocate for the legalization of prostitution throughout the United States.

Find Roxanne Price on Twitter: @RoxannePriceGFE.
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Legal Sex Worker Roxanne Price Takes Aim at Las Vegas Sex Doll Brothel @RoxannePriceGFE

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