Las Vegas’ first Sex Doll Brothel opens just in time for #CES2020

by Jeremy Lemur

Las Vegas is renowned as the vice capital of the United States — and second only to gaming, sex is arguably the number two vice that tourists pursue in the vacation destination that has come to be called “Sin City.”

With scores of gentlemen’s clubs, escort agencies, adult social affiliations, and even a handful of legal brothels on the outskirts of town, Vegas is a veritable hub of hedonism where just about every sexual fetish can be exhaustively explored and every erotic fantasy thoroughly fulfilled. But, until recently, there was one particular proclivity to which Vegas didn’t seem to cater.

This year, however — just in time for Vegas’ biggest annual trade show, CES 2020 — the city of sin has finally added a sex doll brothel to its repertoire of raunch.

The brothel is called the Sex Dolls Experience, and it’s open for business during CES.

The throngs of visitors in town for the electronics show can get all hot and bothered by the hi-tech sex toys showcased at the convention, and then get down and dirty with the inanimate object of their affections at the doll brothel.

According to its website, the Sex Dolls Experience claims to be the first such establishment in Nevada. Located at 5150 South Pecos Rd, a fifteen minute ride from the world famous Las Vegas strip, the brothel is apparently using a space in The Studios, a popular adult social club with an established reputation among swingers and individuals seeking discreet sex-positive adventures.

Las Vegas’ First Sex Doll Brothel opens just in time for #CES2020 via @ejeremy

The Experience

The doll brothel boasts a fully customizable experience with their sex dolls. Which means, according to the brothel’s website, that you can select the ethnicity of each doll and choose the doll’s hair color (Red, Blonde, Black/Brown, Purple). TS dolls are also available.



A punter can also select the theme of his (or her) sex doll experience. Themes, which I assume involves a doll’s chosen costume and accessories, include Nurse, Schoolgirl, and Firefighter among others. Trysts with a sex doll take place in either of two “interactive experience areas,” a dungeon or a bedroom.

In the event a visitor arrives unprepared, the sex doll brothel provides complimentary condoms. However, according to the website’s rules page, clients are required to clean up their own mess after they satiate their desires with their silicone sweetheart. The doll brothel requires cash up front and there are no refunds.

A Prelude to Sex Robot Brothels in Vegas?

Las Vegas’ first sex doll brothel may currently seem like a novelty, but if the establishment is successful and invests in the brothel’s future as sex tech continues to evolve, the next logical step is to replace the doll courtesans with actual artificially intelligent sex robots. Convincing, genuinely interactive sex robots may not be as far away as some might suspect.

In the past, sex robots were pretty much glorified sex dolls, but companies like Green Earth Robotics are at the cutting edge of sex tech. The sex robot manufacturer has developed bots with electronic sensing, high simulation skin, voice communication (yes, the robot will ask you how your day was), and an internal temperature system so that dolls are warm to the touch.

A Threat to Human Sex Workers?

While it’s highly unlikely that the new sex doll brothel will threaten the estimated multi-billion Las Vegas (human) prostitution industry, a doll brothel does presumably have a few advantages over human brothels and sex workers.

For one, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. Human sex workers in Vegas are forced to operate against the law in a stigmatized situation where sex workers may be arrested by law enforcement or fall victim to violent predatory clientele. Many sex workers don’t report violent crimes against them because of the criminalization of their profession.

The legal brothels that operate in adjacent counties outside of Sin City are heavily regulated and are severely restricted with regard to how they can advertise and promote their existence. Sex workers at the brothels must adhere to stringent medical testing requirements and they must undergo a strict background check in order to receive their license. Not to mention that the nearest legal brothel is over an hour’s drive from Las Vegas.

Because laws regulating a sex doll brothel don’t really exist, a sex doll, in one respect, has fewer restrictions and more freedom than an actual human sex worker. A sex doll, as an inanimate object, can’t get arrested for plying her trade and, to my knowledge; there is no work license or medical testing required by Nevada law for sex dolls.

One thing’s certain; the opening of Las Vegas’ first sex doll brothel is an historic occasion that will almost assuredly impact the Las Vegas sex scene for years to come and, in the meantime, generate a lot of compelling discourse.

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Las Vegas’ first Sex Doll Brothel opens just in time for #CES2020

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  1. I don’t see sex dolls taking much from the Pahrump area brothels, either.

    I know it wasn’t the meat of the article but the comment about sex workers not calling the police when they are assaulted or worse reminded me of a conversation I had with a sex worker that doesn’t have sex with johns. Something happened to her and since she isn’t doing anything illegal I asked her if she had called the cops. She told me that no, she would never call the police because they rape sex workers. I don’t feel comfortable giving her name (it was a public conversation but probably one that I shouldn’t attach her name to) but can confirm that she does not work as a street prostitute or escort, she is a BDSM performer. For someone not doing anything illegal to be that scared of the police is very telling. The incident she referenced happened in Vegas. I believe her and infer that Vegas cops must go around raping sex workers quite routinely for her to say that. The incident I am talking about was not (that I know of) done by a police officer.

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