Former Dennis Hof Brothels ‘Reassess’ Idiotic Plan to Remain Open During #COVID19 Health Crisis

I’ve never seen anything this ridiculous in my life.

Yesterday, after Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered all non-essential businesses to close for 30 days, including casinos, brothels and nightclubs, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Nevada Brothel Association ran this idiotic news announcement:

I’ve gotta say, that doesn’t exactly give me confidence that these brothel owners give a solitary fuck about the health of their working girls or the public. Nothing says “we’re not shady” like “we will be operating on a low-key basis”, does it?

A condom and a dick check won’t protect anyone from contracting coronavirus during The Moo Goo Gai Pandemic. You can’t fuck and practice “social distancing” at the same time.

Well, today, the Nevada Brothel Association rushed out a new release.

Brothels Reassess Governor’s Shut-Down Request

(Carson City, Nevada) – After initially signaling a decision to remain open during Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s request that non-essential businesses shut down for 30 days, a number of Nevada’s legal brothels have reassessed and are closing their doors.

“Late Wednesday afternoon the governor’s office specifically added brothels to its list of designated non-essential businesses,” said Suzette Cole, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and three other legal brothels in Lyon County.  “In light of that announcement, we’ve decided to voluntarily comply until further notice.”

Cole said she concurs with what The Mustang Ranch in Storey County said in their own statement…

“While we very much support Storey County’s position that all businesses in the county may remain open during this challenging time, we also understand the intentions of the governor’s recent call for a 30-day statewide closure of many businesses.

“The health and safety of the women that work at the Mustang Ranch and our guests remains our foremost priority and we will work with local and state government to evaluate the need to close the Mustang Ranch for the full 30 days and make announcements regarding continue operations in the near future.”

In addition, Sheri’s Ranch and the Chicken Ranch in Nye County have also closed operations.

First off, this isn’t “a number of Nevada’s legal brothels” deciding to “reassess” anything; it’s the clueless people at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and the other former Dennis Hof brothels who have had to make yet another announcement to play catch up with everyone else.

They rushed to put out an ill-considered release through the NBA, and now they have had to reverse themselves the following day.

Madame Suzette Cole


Second, this isn’t a matter of “voluntarily complying”. That’s like saying you will “voluntarily comply” with the orders a police officer gives you on the road.

We’ve been critical of Sheri’s Ranch recently, but least Sheri’s got THIS right.

It’s not hard: there is a major public health crisis that has led to a national AND statewide state of emergency being declared.  It’s NOT SAFE for brothel workers and customers to be in close proximity to one another. Period.

I mean, everyone knows that it’s time to shut down:

562100cookie-checkFormer Dennis Hof Brothels ‘Reassess’ Idiotic Plan to Remain Open During #COVID19 Health Crisis

Former Dennis Hof Brothels ‘Reassess’ Idiotic Plan to Remain Open During #COVID19 Health Crisis

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