Nevada Brothels, Strip Clubs, Casinos to be Shuttered for 30 Days as State Orders Closure of ‘Non-Essential Businesses’

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak Tuesday announced an order for all non-essential businesses across the state — including strip clubs, legal brothels and casinos — to close for 30 days due to coronavirus.

Only essential services and businesses will be allowed to remain open. These include medical offices, grocery, drug and convenience stores, banks and gas stations.


Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak

Those businesses must be closed by noon on Wednesday, Sisolak said during a press conference Tuesday night. All gaming machines inside casinos will be shut down by midnight, he added.

Sisolak strongly urged Nevadans to stay indoors.



“Today it is clear additional steps must be taken immediately to slow the spread of this deadly virus in our state,” Sisolak said.

Restaurants that can provide delivery, drive-through, pick-up or curbside service will also be allowed to stay open, but no sit-down dining will be allowed.

The move comes after the Nevada Brothel Association issued a patently ridiculous press release this morning, titled, “Nevada Brothels Confront, Tackle Virus Dangers”.

It read impertinent part:

Nevada’s legal brothels – like every other business in the state, especially service businesses – are experiencing challenges posed by the continued spread of the Wuhan Virus.

But unlike most other businesses, brothels already have extensive experience in minimizing health risks to their workers, their clients and the public.

“The women working in our ranches are already subjected to weekly health tests,” noted Suzette Cole, owner of four brothels in Lyon County and president of the Nevada Brothel Association PAC.  “And our people have been fully trained to screen clients for potential health risks and take appropriate measures to protect everyone.”

“However,” she continued, “the coronavirus threat is far more serious than what we usually deal with, so we’ve taken a number of additional safety precautions at our properties that are in line with recommendations by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other health care professionals.”

Among the additional steps detailed by Ms. Cole…

  • Regular staff memos and management reminders on good hygiene practices to all brothel workers, employees and patrons
  • Adding hand sanitizers to all entrances, exits and public areas
  • Enhanced deep-cleaning and sanitizing of high-contact surface areas – including restrooms, ATM machines, bar tops and door handles – every two hours
  • Suspension of all group staff meetings until further notice
  • Suspension of all group events, parties, social gatherings and celebrations until further notice
  • Reducing by half the number of bar stools to increase the space between customers
  • Implementing additional “social distancing” recommendations by the state’s Medical Advisory Team
  • Invoking an indoor smoking and vaping ban in all public areas, including the parlors and bars
  • Prohibiting clients and workers who have been overseas in the previous 14 days
  • Courteously and professionally asking patrons exhibiting signs of illness (coughing, fever or breathing difficulties) to come back at another time
  • Requiring independent contractors who are ill to return home or check into a hotel and self-quarantine until well
  • Sending employees home if sick and requiring a doctor’s note before being allowed to return to work
  • Encouraging “virtual happy hours” with clients and friends to maintain human connections and social interactions during this stressful period of time

Sorry guys, COVID-19 ain’t a sexually transmitted infection, and the ladies’ experience with dick checks won’t protect them against a virus that doesn’t require anything more than respiration to be passed to another person.

Not to mention, there is no known cure and there isn’t even a test for coronavirus currently available to the staff and clientele!

The Moo Goo Gai Pandemic doesn’t care about your vaping restrictions. Dumb dumb dumb.

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Nevada Brothels, Strip Clubs, Casinos to be Shuttered for 30 Days as State Orders Closure of ‘Non-Essential Businesses’

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