Stormy Daniels Embarks on *Fuck Trump* Feature Dance Tour

Looking to further her 15 minutes of fame, Stormy Daniels is embarking on a worldwide dance tour which her people are promoting as “Making America Horny Again”.

I don’t know all the dates but here is a flyer for one of her stops.

Stormy Daniels

To date, Stormy Daniels hasn’t openly admitted to accepting the $130,000 payout from Trump’s people back in 2016, regarding the sexual tryst from 2006.





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Stormy Daniels Embarks on *Fuck Trump* Feature Dance Tour

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11 Responses

  1. Too bad Stormy has that big ass tattoo on her stomach. She could have done BDSM pornos for Kink under the banner “Make America Gape Again” (Cherie DeVille did a few under that banner for Kink when Trump was running for President). I am sure even with that hideous tattoo some tranny (a “chick with a dick”) will gladly fuck a tied up Stormy’s ass and cane her wherever her body strikes its fancy for four hours if paid $1000. I think Madeline (who is even more tattooed than Stormy) would gladly hire her if the price is right and she can still pass an industry VD test. Maybe Insex/Intersec and Matt Williams’ new site’s handlers would hire her for rough BDSM scenes as well. Of course Stormy was arrested a few years ago for beating her husband (I bet the cops that arrested her fapped to the memory of her wriggling helplessly in cuffs when they got off of work) so Madeline, Daniel Intraub and Matt Williams better tie her up tight and make sure she can’t get loose too early. If Stormy could handle the pain of getting that tattoo applied she can take a strong caning while tied up and with tranny dick up her ass. 🙂

  2. Really guys? EVERY ad, every magazine photoshops pics throwing shade because of it is misogynist bullshit.

    Discussing her tattoos & describing scenes where she is caned aka tortured, then rape. Insinuating she has an std.

    How are ya’ll any different than those who attacked August on twitter?

    Disgusting misogyny hateful & WRONG

  3. I did not intend to insinuate Stormy had a VD. I make it clear that passing a VD test is required for such a scene because you can’t tell just by looking at someone that he/she doesn’t have one (most of the time).

    As for “torturing” her, I was discussing an idea for her performing for Kink. Go check their site yourself, in a scene for them (short of it being Fucking Machines) someone in that scene will be caned, tied up, whipped, electrocuted, whatever — some form of BDSM. She is no longer under contract at Wicked and probably still needs work. That tattoo ruined her performing in most features, I guess she could do Bonnie Rotten/Kleio Valentien scenes in gonzo but getting piston fucked in her throat or ass probably hurts more than a caning or whipping at Kink.

    Lastly, my comment doesn’t compare to Jaxton and Jessica’s campaign to get August to commit suicide. I don’t want Stormy dead, think performers should be able to choose whom they fuck and think that August’s death was a tragedy. Jaxton and Jessica can go get fucked up the ass with Marc Wallice’s dick and take his AIDS infested cum straight up their assholes. This is porn, people are going to discuss scenes they would like a performer to do. If she posts that she isn’t interested that is the end of it. As for discussing tattoos, that is fair game. If someone performing in adult (especially at Stormy’s end of the biz) ruins her body with tattoos and it ruins the rest of her career you damn well better expect us to discuss it. It is too bad Stormy had a serious lapse in judgement and tattooed her whole fucking stomach, she seems like a nice person and didn’t deserve to have her career in features ruined by that lapse.

  4. No girl looks better with tattoos then without.Porn girls that start out clean of tattoos (or just a small one) start losing their popularity as they pile on more and more tattoos.

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