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Tomorrow we vote, please try to do it responsibly. It appalls me that, at least in my state you have to have a license to put a worm on a hook and fish but any damn fool with no means to support them, can have children. The Free Speech Coalition sent me this big long screed they wanted me to post here encouraging all of you to vote Democratic. In a classic case of the enemy of my enemy must be my friend porners embrace the very same people that they claimed were so evil when they were fighting COPA…Remember that was FSC v. Reno. I’m not saying Republicans are our friends, they claim to want less government, EXCEPT when it comes to what you do in the privacy of your own home as consenting adults. Many of them would institute a morals police if they could, they seem to think that this is a proper function of government.

Me? I will vote Libertarian in some cases Republican in some and Democratic in at least one. The most hotly contested seat here in GA is that of United States Senator, Max Cleland v. Saxby Chamblis. I’m voting for Max, not because I agree with is politics, he is a bit too socialist for my likings, but I am voting for Max because he listens to me, I know Senator Cleland and have spoken with him about this business and he certainly has no issues with responsible porners providing a service that the marketplace demands. I have Senator Cleland’s numbers and he has mine. Nuff Said. Thank God I don’t have to endure Cynthia McKinney but 2 more months.

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Speaking of Turkeys:

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