Hope Y’all had a nice holiday weekend

I have been thinking, as a political science major I sometimes pull out the old what if and try to prognosticate a bit.

Here’s the scenario: It seems obvious that we ARE going to hit Iraq, just a matter of when and how. I personally think we should for numerous reasons but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

We have had the better part of a year to conclusively tie Sadam Hussien to Al Quaida, I am sure that we have done so. September the 11th is coming up, the one year anniversary of a day that will no doubt be remembered as one of, if not the darkest day in our history. President Bush and the Republicans need some support for the November elections. We have Turkey, Afganistan, Israel and Kuwait in our corner, possibly Egypt and others, despite what they may say publicly, that gives us solid staging areas.

Here’s the scenario Sometime on September 11th 2002 Bush launches a full invasion of Iraq, announcing the conclusive ties that Hussein has to Al Quaida, annoncing the support of Britain and other nations who are 100% behind us. The goal is to do what we should have done in Desert Storm, move in quick, take Hussein and his army out and “restore democracy”. Play out the fact that Hussein is heavily vested in researching and building bio warefare and nukes. If the operation is successful, and it should be, the only losers would be Democrats who didn’t support the action.

The country feels good…we got revenge on just the right day!
The President shores up support for the Republican Party
Iraq is no longer a threat to the region.
Funding for terrorism is further reduced.

Of course there are minuses
Spot oil shortages and gas price hikes are a certainty
The new regime may not be much better than the old if we don’t intercede and make sure our efforts result in a more palatable government
A lot of Democrats will have to climb on board and support Bush or face a loss in November
If it isn’t done fast, with lots of positive media coverage it could backfire, nobody wants another Viet Nam.

I say…Take the Mother Fucker OUT!

4750cookie-checkHope Y’all had a nice holiday weekend

Hope Y’all had a nice holiday weekend

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