A Message From our President:

“A technology that brings knowledge also brings obscenity and danger,” Bush said. “With the Internet, pornography is now instantly available to any child who has a computer. And in the hands of the wrong people, in the hands of incredibly wicked people, the Internet is a tool that lures children into real danger.”

And George is right, of course George isn’t aware exactly why he is right. You see he will most likely use this rhetoric to come down on us internet porners. Republicans understand things that Democrats don’t. Republican know how to fight economic wars, look at how we eventually prevailed over the Soviets, we simply spent them into collapse. You will not convince me for one minute that the imperial federal government does not know that it can take us down by manipulating Visa and Mastercard. Yes I believe they are coming for us and they will do it in the name of “the children” just like they always do. Meanwhile the “children” will continue to get porn the same place they always did; limewire, kazaa, morpheus, bearshare…You get the picture.

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A Message From our President:

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