Another HIV Positive But This One Went Unknown, Til Now

I spoke to this person many times in the last two days, her story checks out 100% and I believe her.  She has asked me to write it in my words.  She now married, expecting, happy and living with HIV, a forever reminder of her very brief time in porn.  She has approved this post.

She came into the biz right before an outbreak, she got an agent and she had high expectations, like a lot of girls that come into the biz she wanted to be “the next Jenna Jameson.”

She shot a little bit but one of those times was with someone who later tested HIV positive. When she found out she had been exposed, she immediately quit the biz, she admits that she was in denial, and didn’t want to know, when she woke up one morning feeling a little under the weather she went to the drug store and bought a HIV oral swab test, ten minutes later her life changed forever.  She had insurance so she went to her doctor and he confirmed her worst  nightmare, she got HIV.  She was conflicted about coming forward, after seeing how the people are treated in the biz when they test positive.  She sat down with her agent and discussed it and the agent told her to disappear.

The reasoning was simple, everyone had been tested (so they thought) she has a college degree and she has insurance so she didn’t need financial support.  They both felt that simply disappearing like so many girls do was the best option.  It bothered her that she may have exposed someone else but time took that worry away.  She moved on with her life.

I asked her if she had been identified by the industry as someone who had a direct exposure, she told me that she had not, nobody ever contacted her at all.  I asked her if she was sure that she got infected on set,  and her response was an emphatic 100% yes.  She had confined her sexual activities to performing.  She went on to give e the name of the person she got it from and even told me how to find the particular scene.

When I asked her why she was coming forward now, she said  that it had been bothering her to see all the times that people in porn were claiming no on set  transmissions since 2004, she knew that was wrong.  She was infected much more recently than 2004.  She also said that she had written me emails a lot of times then decided not to send them, she didn’t want the blow back if her name got out, when she read here that I am retiring she knew that it was now or never.   I assured her I would take her identity to my grave and if push came to shove I would say I made the whole thing up.  She is now married, expecting a baby boy and happy in her life.  The meds are working and her viral load is undetectable, she expects to live a long and happy life.

It is things like this that make me question retirement, I mean how else would this story ever get out?  But does it really change anything?  Will even one person read this story and think that maybe porn isn’t so safe as I have been told.  We all know he answer and I need to step down for my own health, hell I’m too old and the biz is dead anyway.  Internet porn will continue to survive but Porn Valley is dead.  Writing about porn has become a chore for me, it isn’t fun anymore, and I have pretty much said all there is to say.  But I regress, this isn’t about me, this story is about a young lady who believed that she was coming into a business where safety was the first concern and then learned very differently.  I have no doubt that The FSC will continue to tout the no on set transmission mantra, but that’s a lie, we knew it was a lie before this girl came forward, Even Rolling Stone Magazine pointed out that it is a lie.

This does leave me with one question though, given the revolving door that porn is….is this the first and only time that this has happened?  I know what I think.

143200cookie-checkAnother HIV Positive But This One Went Unknown, Til Now

Another HIV Positive But This One Went Unknown, Til Now

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  1. I ask because to the best of my understanding, every incident of on set transmission has occurred as a result of an anal cream pie, an act which I have condemned many times, including in an AVN editorial many years back. Unfortunately, producers continue to shoot this dangerous activity, even though it is the easiest shot in the world to fake. I’m very glad to hear this particular actress is doing well.

  2. I often have wondered how many performers who suddenly went off the grid were ones that got HIV and nothing was ever reported. This girl is not the only one I would suspect. Happy to hear she is having a good life and has faced the challenges of living with HIV.

  3. Im not going to getinto the whinow period bullshit…that may have been true in the 90 but the difference now is only days…if that, but for the record it was within 30-40 days of the scene.

  4. I tend to agree, Rodney. If the performers are married to each other or very long-term boyfriend/girlfriend go ahead and do the cream pie but otherwise find a way to fake it or don’t do it at all. The chances of VD (not just HIV) are astoundingly high from anal cream pies. I don’t have a real great way to fake a cream pie where after ejaculation the contents are dripped out the ass (both pina colada mix and Cetaphil which are told to be the go-tos for faking an external pop would cause severe problems shot up the ass, one because of the sugar — talk about diarrhea, in this case from the sugar fermenting up there from what doesn’t come out at the end of the scene and the other because it is poisonous if used internally) but otherwise who knows if the male performer actually filled her shit chute with baby batter or not anyway.

  5. For all those that read that article for all those that are in this business wheather for a min r a lifetime. The union has just Locked down insurance plans, accidental insurance where when, not if, you catch an STD u can take the time off needed to get clean and the insurance will pay u up to 3000 a month to pay ur bills. We have a insurance market place open for u that we have eliminated Question of what you do for a living. Operators are there to help you 24 hours a day. We have critical insurance. Where you are guaranteed acceptance that if you diagnosed with HIV cancer or have a stroke you’re paid up to 50,000 We also have guaranteed acceptance no health examination life insurance policy for 100,000.00. These options are available to you now. Our new website will be on line within the next few days but in the mean time u can check it out here.

    We are having “issues”
    Publishing any press releases, they have dismissed my radio show, they have taken over most of the social media accounts, so it’s getting very hard to pass the word. If anyone can help pass this info (social media etc please do).

    It’s free to join, and we are working hard for every ones best interests regardless to what u r hearing/
    Do not dismiss these insurance plans, and please take advantage of the opportunity because who knows how long it will last.

    And I would bet my life that, that girls story is not the only one like that.

    Which one of us is next? What you going to do if it’s you? Be smart. Get these insurance plans.

    With love
    Phyllisha Anne
    IEAU secretary

  6. First of all let me say that I’ve just got back from a my tour and I was shocked to see what’s going on about your judicial perils, Mike. But I’m going to contact you in private about that, most likely right after Christmas.

    Second of all, I feel like provoking you and ask you to either comment or to write something about THE UNION, given the umpteenth delirious message that has been posted on this commentary by the Union’s founder. One year has passed and maybe it’s enough time to draw a line and to say some words about it. And it’s independent from what I’ve said in the past and from what I still think about it: it’s about keeping informing people on where we stand, in my opinion. Nowhere, as usual.

    Finally, and strictly related to the latter, I am going to comment your post. I have no doubts that that is a true story. But how can we benefit from it? Who’s this girl? Who’s the person who infected her? On which set? Which kind of safety procedures did fail? If we knew the answer to at least one of these questions, then we could learn from it. But the way it is, it is just another dark cloud whose origins and composition are unknown to us. Useless. I understand that you need to be very cautious these days. I understand that that girl’s life must not be an easy one, given what happened to her. What I don’t understand is why she would throw the rumor anonymously and without backing it up, ending up being both unheard and irrelevant. That’s why I stopped shooting in porn valley: I know that there are a few executioners out there, but what bothers me the most is that even the victims won’t name them.

    Merry Christmas to you, Mike, and to all your readers.

  7. Rumors persist that at least one male talent in porn is HIV+ but their antiretroviral meds have lowered his viral load to undetectable levels.

  8. There are quite a few lubes on the market now that look just like cum, so there’s really no excuse now not to fake a cream pie, even a vaginal one.

  9. I will have to look into that one. I hadn’t heard of cum-look lube (not that I need that for my personal sex life) but that is actually a good idea. Obviously that would be great for faking an anal cream pie and of course faking vaginal cream pies would reduce (although not eliminate) pregnancy risk. In a better world porn chickies would get fixed or take effective birth control but even Alana Evans got pregnant once (supposedly) on set by her own admission, there is a really macabre ADT thread on that one. She also admitted aborting the baby — that is one of the most embarrassing admissions someone could make so I tend to believe her on her on-set pregnancy admission, she also said her husband had been clipped and could prove he can’t father kids. If I recall Alana said her antibiotic for some minor medical malady made her birth control pills ineffective (a known side effect of certain antibiotics), this was before many modern methods of birth control were available like the Nuva Ring or Depo Provera (both more resistant to antibiotic-caused ineffectiveness of birth control).

  10. Adding the ELISA test (given along with the PCR-RNA) would eliminate that bullshit, Karma. An ELISA test costs about $10, to me it would be well worth adding. An ELISA test would detect HIV infections that are suppressed by anti-retroviral drugs assuming the body ever produced antibodies to it. Someone would have to start treatment for HIV within just a couple of weeks of infection and keep viral load levels extremely low in order to keep an ELISA from detecting the infection. That is not a likely scenario, at some point the HIV will produce enough to cause antibodies to be produced and permanently making ELISA tests show positive.

    For those that don’t know, standard operating procedure at free clinics and clinics like Planned Parenthood is to use the ELISA to test for HIV, if positive the confirmatory test is the Western Blot test. If both are positive and repeat testing with the ELISA/Western Blot series confirms those results someone would be definitively diagnosed with HIV. Hell, the lab in my doc’s office uses that series of tests unless the doc requests the PCR-RNA instead (in the past when the window period for the ELISA test was longer I did take the old PCR-DNA for routine screening — that test is the predecessor to the current PCR-RNA, now the window period is not of nearly as much concern).

  11. Now, lots of the same old agreements will be rehashed.

    The agent booked for for a scene in which she got a disease that requires a life time of treatment.
    The agent thought it was best she leave the biz & keep quiet.
    The agent worked in the best interest of the company & not the person he had a contract to protect their best interest.
    She got it from someone who later was found out to be infected….. so the agent didn’t call for an industry shut down & the person who gave it to her was able to pass it on to how many people?

    The agent & the company where she claims to have allegedly gotten HIV put every performer’s health at risk without any consequences financially or legally.

    I do believe the story due to this is how the industry deals with majority of the time.

    All so that companies can make more money shooting porn without condoms.

    NO Agent, NO Company cares about the performers health & well being just their profits. What I don’t understand is why anyone would still shoot for any of them.

  12. sam the industry did shut down…she was just a infection that went un-counted. And I believed her for the same reason…it has the ring of truth. But also her references checked out…she did shoot with the performer and it was released. IF she were still working I would blow the whistle on her in a heartbeat but she isn’t and its water under the bridge, there is nothing good that would come of outing her just for the curious…it wouldnt change a thing but I think that is why she came to me to begin with.

  13. There has been that “Viral meds allow him to pass tests” rumor about one particular risky performer for years. I would not be shocked if he was not the only one.

  14. Ah , chime in Sabrina to shit all over this union again. They now have health insurance they are putting together and she still wants to crap all over it from her perch in Europe; of course with no better alternative.

    Love it.

  15. @joeschmoe You didn’t even take a look at their health insurance “program” did you? You don’t need a Union to reach website through your browser. If that to you seem like a great achievement, enjoy your excitement, of course. Wait a second…I forgot…the Union also offers discount programs to save money on Broadway plays…ops nope…it’s another link to

    What about money management? Just hire financial adviser Vincent Acierno. He’s the best in the country for sure, but honestly I could have found one in the yellow pages well before the Union was formed.

    Let’s try and see if I get luckier with life insurance: A hand written and edited piece of crappy text which promises to give you life insurance with no medical exam or health questions, as long as you contact…a number with no name attached to it. From a quick search that number pertains to HRA Insurance salesman Walter Lewitz. The only other info I could find about him are an empty Linkedin “profile” (there’s nothing profiled in there, really) and a Facebook account with a few tens of posts all wishing Happy Birthday to followers. Wow! serious stuff. Thank you Union!

    Oh, there’s another great service offered by the Union: Oboma care! No, I haven’t misspelled it: it is really Oboma care. Of course it’s just another link to a site:
    Ah, if we didn’t have the Union…
    Let me tell you again: the day when the Union will start doing something for performers they will get all my support. That day is not here yet. To date the Union is a useless joke. @phyllisha leads to a “The site can’t be reached” message. You have tens of people on that board: how is it possible after over one year that you haven’t found anybody computer and spelling savvy yet? These things might look stupid to you, but they make the all Union look stupid and unreliable, instead. Appoint a freaking capable director of operations and get your shit together, guys, if you want to be taken seriously by everybody and not only by joeschmoe.

  16. I am not sure the union needs the support of a web cam independent who is not part of the commercial porn scene. who, seems to think she knows it all and is just trying to burn them to the ground instead of helping them. Nit picking this and that. So, you are doing nothing more than trying to undermine them on a well read blog. I sincerely don’t get your agenda or why you are trying to derail anything when you really have no horse in the race and no alternative to replace it. You do not look credible in my eyes as this is just attacking for the sake of it. Its easy to play the armchair quarterback and crap all over everything when there is no personal accountability to do something yourself.

    If this idea crumbles, I doubt anyone will want to try it again for a long time…. look at how people treat them… it’s disgraceful. They can be worked with and helped, and shown how to improve.. not beat over the head with every mistake they make until they all give up.

  17. @joeschmoe And you are wrong again. I am an adult industry worker and I have as much of a say as any other industry worker, when it comes to industry issues. I don’t nit pick. I state facts, which of course you cannot contest in any other way but trying to belittling my professional heritage. About which you’re wrong also, by the way, but that’s a different matter and I’m not interested in talking about my professional status.

    Yes, I agree: if this idea crumbles it will crumble for good. And yes, I agree: it would be much better if this idea didn’t crumble. That’s why people like me brings up the existing issues about the Union. Yes, the Union needs the support of all industry workers or at least of as many as possible. It’s an Adult Entertainment Union for God’ sake. Whose support should they need if not the one from adult workers? In fact they need the support of the lowest lines of adult workers which are obviously the most affected from the shit going on in our industry. They should represent and defend the weakest links. Those who cannot afford the costs of tests, an insurance, a retirement plan etc etc. Do you see how faulty is your attempt to minimize the importance of gaining the support of a mediocre independent webcam girl? I’m not sure you do…Merry Christmas!

  18. Sabrina

    There is a way to help and be constructive, and there is a way to tear people down. You are choosing the latter and that is where I take issue with you. You also do not have any desire to learn or listen to other opinions; you just lay down your thoughts as absolute and that is the end of it. If you believe in a union concept, then you should help them… get involved, give them feedback, etc. yes, they are making a lot of mistakes and have things to work on… does that mean you should shut them down or help them be better?

    I did not belittle your career. Putting words in my mouth to gain sympathy from readers is all fine, and perhaps it will work. You are a sexy woman after all and that can often beat out some dude on a message forum like me. I never used the word mediocre. Fucking 7000 fans and doing international bukkake tours is just as valid adult work as working in scenes in porn valley. I just felt you are not within the area where the union is needed and are burning something down you have no direct investment in. I question those motives when one way or the other it really does not affect you. I also question why your answer is to attempt to destroy instead of attempting to collaborate and help.

    You go on your path. This is well read blog and you are a sexy porn performer so your voice will get more attention than mine. You may very well cause the damage you seek because so many people are going to read it. Unfortunate that people in porn still can not work together and instead look to tear one another down at every opportunity.

    Perhaps, you can engage in debate and even move on some of your beliefs (evolution is a good thing). Staying on the destroy and absolute thinking is not helping any performers. The ones who benefit the most from the failure of a union are the producers, directors, and the big companies behind them.

  19. @joeschmoe The Union is causing the damage, not me. I don’t blame you for not reading me attentively, but I am making proposals to improve performers safety and working conditions since years. Many are black on white on Mike’s blog too. I have also offered to help the Union. I have spent days and days of my time for it one year ago; I have offered help for free; I have even made available the services of my web development company and my servers for free.

    The things that I am pointing out today I brought them to the attention of the Union one year ago. I have suggested Phyllisha to appoint a competent pr speaker one year ago and told her that her personal way of marketing the Union and her communication skills were damaging the reputation of the Union. I pointed out that the website was the Union visit card and the it needed to be given a professional look and a spelling polish. I told them that transparency should have been their uncompromising asset if they wanted to be successful. I was asked to candidate myself for the positions I thought I could have filled in. I did. Then at ballots time, my name wasn’t there and I wasn’t given any explanation (at a later time, another genius said on Mike’s blog that I was preemptively discarded because I had been critic of the website, misspellings etc, and that in any case I wasn’t relevant in the industry – does it sound familiar?). Not only that, but the ballots I received had only one option for president. I found it curious that we were asked to cast a vote for the only available candidate…Well, the voting results were obviously written. But nope…they weren’t. That only candidate won the elections but another person was appointed in his place.

    Basically they outed all those people who dared to express concerns, in typical porn valley style. So, please, disagree with me, attack me, it’s all licit. But when you say that I am staying on the destroy instead of helping out you are absolutely wrong. I have been inside the Union for a while and I’ve got to know who runs it enough to know that the only help welcome is the one to reach personal goals.

    This union will never fly until certain people will remain at the wheel. One year of nothing happened should open your eyes too, about it. But if it doesn’t now, it will later. Of this I’m sure 100%. My only way to contribute at this point is to be factual over the reasons why this Union is failing in the hope that those responsible for this failure will get the sack (no, they will never step back willingly, like instead they should if they really cared for the union to succeed).

  20. I sure would love to have Phylissa shoot a anal creampie up between my butt checks so hard and good after I hit a big rock of crack.

    From now on you will all know me as Stalker Sean.
    Merry Creampie xmas..

  21. You sir are just disgusting… Sean Tompkins.
    and Sabrinia the website is being made by the “teamsters union”
    if the website is good enough for the teamsters, the police men union, the fireman union and all the other unions, then it will be good enough for ours as well, and please by all means, if you can come up with insurance plans better then the guaranteed issued low cost ones we know offer, we would love to accept them please provide us withe the information to do so.

    the website does still link to a few of the old web site pages but as i stated before, it still be worked on and that is being reconstructed.

    The insurance portal was not even created by the union it was created by the insurance group that is offering us the market place, if you even had an ounce of glue what it took to get an health insurance portal to accept the porn industry now that the whole world is aware we don’t want to protect our selfs and wear condoms, you would be saying “thank goodness” instead of complaining. But then you don’t know how hard all this is because your not helping are you? nor have you made one attempt too. so until you do attempt to start helping, then you have the right to be bitching, until then. … however. don’t and Joe thank you with all our hearts for taking up for us, we need all the encouragement we can get. this is not easy. lol so thank you again.

  22. @phyllisha Careful with what you are saying. I am a very meticulous person. Among others, when you say: “never have you made an attempt too” you are lying. You are a liar, phyllisha. A pathological one. I conserve emails, written communications, logs, mail exchanges, screenshots of everything relevant involving me since 12 years. Our stuff is much more recent than that. It’s gonna be too easy to expose your lies. Your insurance portal is a….portal….you don’t even know what a portal is. It’s not the insurance company. It’s like travelocity for booking flights. You didn’t close any fucking deal with any insurance company for adult performers. Nothing has changed, insurance wise, for adult performers, or you would have linked to an insurance company and come out with joint press. You are selling smoke, fried air. You are a liar. You are struggling with the Union. There is no adult performers relying on the Union for shit at the moment. You are commenting on an article about an allegedly neglected and left alone adult performer and all you can do is to pitch your lies. Not a word about the performers, not an official statement to reassure performers. Not a request for investigation of the alleged rumors that a male hiv infected performer is still shooting in the opens. Nothing of what you should do on behalf of a Union which wants to gain the respect and the trust of its potential associates. Long live the Union. But YOUR Union should have been shut down yesterday. You are sinking it. You know it. You’re not stepping back. That says it all. Merry Christmas.

  23. Horrible Sabrina. Just horrible. This is getting nasty. And really, if you are logging and saving every last detail of everything since 12… well… that is not something that most of us do nor do we need to. We dont have lives filled with litigation and most of us understand people are human and make mistakes and nothing is absolute. You are not absolute… you are human and most certainly have made mistakes in life and probably would not like to be erased from history for it. Filled with anger and hate and I don’t think anyone can understand why you are so visceral especially when it will not affect you one way or the other. This is a not constructive, not productive, and helps a grand total of zero performers. Zero. A portal to a website about air is more helpful to the world than what you are doing. So what your endgame is other than obliterating someone for kicks, is a mystery. This is way too personal for you and there is no way this is simply about “I think the Union could be done better”. There is more to your hate than you are letting on and this is turning into online bullying far beyond any debate about the merits of said union.

    Thank you

  24. For the record most of us are under the impression that the “Sean Tompkins” posting here and the one with TRPWL are not the same person, Mike hasn’t even said differently and he has the IP addresses to research with.

    I am 99% sure the “Sean Tompkins” posting here is a troll, I also suspect he is about three feet tall with six inch legs, balls the size of BBs from a BB gun and a one millimeter dick that he can’t get hard to save his life. I suspect he is also looking for his “lucky charms” by attempting to find the bottom of rainbows in his spare time and performs in midget movies for Treasure Island Media taking AIDS-infested tranny dick up the ass in cream pie scenes. 🙂

    Merry Christmas Phyllisha (and everyone else). I just had to make it clear that the “Sean Tompkins” posting here is not likely who he appears to be at first glance.

  25. @joeschmoe I’ve been following all of the posts and comments here about the union for the last year, while contributing my own thoughts to the discussion as well. For the most part I’ve left the discussion, due to the persistent issues that Sabrina discusses here. Though it’s not up to me to judge her level of anger because these things affect us differently, I understand the anger. I don’t see the hate you mentioned. This is personal for most of us in the industry at highly varying levels, and I for one appreciate Sabrina’s comments and point of view.

    Every comment she makes is an opportunity for the union to respond in a positive, inclusive way for all of our benefit. If you try to isolate the way that Sabrina discusses the subject matter and make assumptions as to motivations and say she is doing it wrong, I feel like you are discounting the message.

    For me, there is much the union could be doing right now to support the workers in the industry that they are not doing. What they have done so far is almost laughable if it wasn’t so depressing.

    My biggest issues right now with the industry are:
    1. The sub-par testing, we need to at the very least add an additional $10 HIV test to be sure that people aren’t using antiviral drugs to falsely pass the current test. Swabbing for STD/I oral infections should also be done. And Herpes II should not be ignored now that we have a pretty good test that does not yield false positives(Though there is much debate on whether Herpes testing should be done). Add to this better reporting, access to future tests results for performers who have done scenes with other performers, more frequent testing, and lower pricing.
    2. Unlicensed unethical Agents. There are a bunch of these in Florida. I believe they are causing the most ongoing damage to the psyche of the performers as well as to the reputation of the industry.
    3. Piracy.

    The first two should have been big targets for the union, and would do more to help industry workers than anything they’ve done so far. Addressing these issues would have also helped gain support. A strong online presence and clear goals and activity reporting should have been priority from day one and here we are a year later and these things haven’t been addressed very well. (Though the website is much cleaner.)

  26. Why do I save logs emails and details? Because I know my adult industry chick(s)ens better than you. That’s for sure. And there’s nothing bullish in calling out lies. She lied, not me, and I won’t allow anyone to lie about me. If you’ve got a problem with that: tough! I think with my own brain and neither you or anybody else are going to intimidate me. I don’t hate anybody. I just call Phyllisha incompetent as the Union runner and the Union carried negligently, at the moment. About my interest, it is as such: mine. None of your business. Especially if you cannot understand that an International adult union is every adult workers’ business. Especially if you ignore or pretend to (more likely) that since I haven’t received any different communication to date, I am a member of the Union (I bet you, I’ll get the sack after this comment, proving how superficial they are in running things). Being ignorant is not a crime, joeschmoe; but keeping showing off your ignorance by repeating the same litany that I shouldn’t mind about the union over and over again, be it because you have an agenda to carry on or because you are too lazy to fact check what I have answered you over an over again…well…that’s not very smart. Let me help you, once and for all:
    Check that link out. International adult union, my friend. EVERYBODY working in the adult industry at any level, in any geographical area. According to the union, it is my business indeed. And I’m done with you, that’s for sure. You haven’t brought up a single argument against my very detailed and to the point issue about the union. And if you’ve got no arguments, I’m not interested in carrying this conversation on with you.

  27. Well…I was adding something to my msg but I guess I didn’t make it in time. Basically I wanted to add that I have nothing against Phyllisha as an individual. The times I’ve spoken to her I had the feeling to talk to a nice person and I don’t even doubt that she is moved by noble intents about the Union. I have issues with Phyllisha running the union because over and over she has shown that she is not fit for the job and the current status of the union is there to prove it. We’re talking biz here, not friendships. To the woman Phyllisha I want to wish a Merry Christmas. And to all Mike’s readers as well, of course.

  28. Matthew, I would love to put a strap on UP your tight 70+plus anus. I can tell by your posting you are a ….Bi sexual or gay old guy. I am a 33 year old FEMALE Matthew, and I and other females can feel that right away. I know some of the female pornstars who are in the Industry and they read Mike’s post and they feel the same. Let me be the first…I’ll bring some “crack” and some Crystal. You’ll love it .

  29. @Mancrack
    I think Matthew has already had that experience way too many times.
    Give him a quualude and a little jack Daniels and he will love you a long time.

  30. Oh Sabrina

    You say “I have nothing against Phyllisha as an individual”….

    Come on now, let’s use critical thinking…. one of your posts you called her personally a liar multiple times…… you can’t say that and then say you have nothing against her… you do.. you think she is a liar and an awful creature.

    So much anger and vitrol from you.. I don’t see how you can help anyone with this approach.

  31. I only fuck cute, nubile adult women (put Melissa Moore or Aaliyah Love in front of me with their recent industry VD test and begging for some kinky fun and I will show you that I am not a homosexual). I hope they like fingering and having their pussies ate out as well as a dick in their pussies and throats. I also don’t take strap-ons in any orifices. As for the Jack Daniels I couldn’t stand to drink that when I was still drinking, I preferred Crown Royal or Smirnoff. Long Island Iced Tea was also hitting the spot in later years (I dare you to drink about ten of those, Crunkle and Co. and videotape the aftermath). I also have never taken a Quaalude, meth or crack in my life. In fact the only time cocaine has ever entered my body is during a nose reconstruction, that drug is used in paste form by surgeons to slow bleeding during nose surgeries. Crunkle and ManCrack can go fuck themselves with a rusty pitchfork tine (you can pick whichever hole on your bodies you prefer).

    I suspect “Sean Tompkins”, Crunkle and ManCrack are the same troll. That person must have multiple personality disorder. Get a psychiatrist and some meds for your condition, Crunkle and Co. (or should I call you Sybil).

  32. @Matthew Harris

    1. “I only fuck…” Think you meant past tense.
    2. Wouldn’t surprise me if Sean is planning a follow up to his revealing expose on you last year. Dude gave you a mod position and you repay him by talking shit about him every chance you get. Lol

  33. Sean didn’t write that expose. Uncle Peg did. Also, I don’t think Sean appreciates whatever troll is using his name on here. I am not happy with what he has been doing lately (affiliating with Donny Long was certainly not a good thing IMO and him letting Uncle Peg shit all over his website definitely was not wise) but I don’t think he appreciates someone claiming to be him making the type of comments being made under his name either. I don’t care who you are, if you fuck up I will call you on it (even if that person is family or a close friend, not just people on the internet). I will still call someone on it if he/she is being wronged, though (even if it is Sean or Uncle Peg) — and the troll “Sean” is doing wrong making comments under his name. It doesn’t mean I have to like the guy.

    BTW if I was made a mod on his forum I was never informed of that fact.

    Hop, now you can go fuck yourself for Christmas. I hope you have plenty of lube and Viagra. Since Mike is going to likely shut down this site soon I will say good bye to you now, maybe Jim Powers will do a Lesbian Bukkake (or whatever he would call it, that name is owned by Jeff Steward at JM but Jim used to direct them with Ashley Blue) movie and you can take 65 girls pissing on your face for his movie. Maybe a Kink director can arrange for you to take tranny dick up your ass while you are at it. You like to ride on me for mentioning Kink so I will antagonize you more just to piss you off: Kink, Kink, Kink, Kink, Kink.

  34. Please say good bye Matthew. You are a traitor and will help sit up Mike a falling. Mod on TRPWL, What kind of shit is that? seriously, You need to get some 70+ mental help for that perversion disorder before you go off and molest some little kid by butt fucking him or her.

    Fuck That is a queer site. You, Matthew are a queer.

  35. WTF, Crack? I was friendly with Sean before he tried to fuck over Mike and a few others (Mike was also friendly with him, Sean helped take down PWL in 2011, too bad Donny put it back up a couple of years later). As for me being a mod on TRPWL, I was never informed of that fact. I guess he can specify anyone that had an account there a moderator and he may have did that intending to have me do so but I was never informed of that fact. The TRPWL crew put me in a bad position, I was forced to choose sides on that mess. I know I chose the right side but I wish Sean and Uncle Peg hadn’t went rogue and became idiots. Sean would have been better off he hadn’t turned TRPWL into a third-rate hack site. I also can’t support someone beating his wife every chance he gets (Uncle Peg), who gets arrested four times in one year for that bullshit? It seems like the second time would have spurred him into divorcing her and moving on with his life. On top of that Uncle Peg started telling whoppers about many things, some being outright libel.

    Also, how would I “set up Mike”? I don’t have any intention of doing so but there isn’t anything going on that would even make that an option (before you mention the lawsuit I don’t know and haven’t even corresponded with Dave/Dwight). Lastly, Crack, you can go fuck yourself if that is the attitude you are going to have on here. In another thread you were at least civil but accusing me of being a child molester is outright libelous. Peter Acworth would probably also like to have a word with you, 80% of Kink’s content is not gay-related. Maybe he would have Madeline or Lorelei shove her strap-on up your ass sans lube if you like (no, that isn’t gay — a woman fucking a man can’t be gay unless she is a tranny). I would probably fuck Lorelei up the pussy, up her ass and down her throat later that night while her hands are cuffed behind her if she would like (I am a man so that definitely wouldn’t be gay, Lorelei is also pushing 40 so she definitely isn’t a “kid” — that would make a dirty old man but there isn’t a law in California against that).

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