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I have been asked what I think about particular things so here we go…in no particular order


President Elect Trump:  certainly not my first choice but I refuse to buy into the doomsday nonsense.  Our system is well designed to make sure no one branch of government gets too much power, try as they do to upset this balance the party system, which has become a corporation all its own, hasn’t been able to change that and I don’t think they will.  I think President Trump will come down as uch more centerist or even left of center than hard right.  I base that not on what he has said but what he has done over the years.

Hillary Clinton:  The Democrats WORST possible choice, but she was promised the nomination when she stepped down for Obama and the DNC delivered on that promise, despite what rank and file party members wanted.  The end result she lost. Any other Democrat could have beat Trump.

LGBT: I dunno why this one is even an assue.  it is clear to me that I never made a decision to be straight and I believe that they didn’t either.  God (for lack of a better term) made them as they are and I have no problem with it.  They should have the same rights as everyone else…no more, no less.  Something about equal protection under the law.

Race:  I live in a mixed race community and we all treat each other the way we want to be treated, we look out for each others property, we keep an eye on the neighborhood and we work together to maintain safety and property values.  My neighbor, a wonderful black lady, and I share food we grow on our back decks, we converse and we both see any attempt to separate us because of our race as a divide and conquer tactic and we wont be a party to it.  I think thats how most Americans are.  Any politician that would attempt to drive a wedge there will never get my support, again it comes to equality she doesn’t expect to be treated differently than I nor I from her, just let us alone to live our lives and prosper.

Drugs:  We have a massive overcrowding in our prison system in this country and it is directly related to “The War On Drugs”.  I see no reason for marijuana to be illegal, at all.  I see no reason to incarcerate people for simply using drugs, that will never fix the problem.  When the penalty for using drugs does more damage to an individual than actually using the drugs…the problem is the penalty.

God: I bounce between agnostic and athiest.  I am spiritual in my own eyes but not religious, I believe more in the divinity of “mother nature” than any religion.  When I hear birds singing, children playing, wind in the leaves, rain on a roof and the sound of water be it surf or stream I am hearing “Gods music”.  When I am in the woods or on the ocean and can see or hear nothing man made that is my “church”

Porn:  I have no problem with it, obviously but I do think the golden rule applies, you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you….just because you are in a position to do harm doesn’t mean you should, somewhere along the line porners and performers lost track of that one.

Hunting and Fishing:  Everyone knows I am an avid fisherman and SCUBA Diver, I grew up hunting but I dont hunt much anymore because there are no places here to hunt quail anymore and I dont own a bird dog.  I don’t much care for venison so deer hunting is out.  Bottom line is if you use what you kill, if you eat it, make clothing out of it, or even give it to the needy, I am OK with it.  If you do it just to kill or put the head on your wall, shame on you.

There was a time that I would never have thought that I would have accepted a gay man for instance as my equal, but I grew up, I matured, I met and learned about gay people and I saw I was wrong, society had taught me one thing but my experiences taught me quite a different one.  That is why I am a strong advocate for allowing everyone who wants it a voice, so long as that voice is reasonable.  It is the best way for them to get the same experience I did and to learn and grow.  hardly a week goes by that I don’t learn things from my readers, that is one of the things that makes mikesouth.com so satisfying for me and worth what I pay to keep it running.

OK done with the waxing philosophical…





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What I Think

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  1. Do you still feel this way, only 4 days, but some really offensive picks later? I had the same opinion as you when he first entered the race, but I started second-guessing my instincts when Bannon OFFICIALLY took over the campaign (word was he was practically running it from the start). And his picks so far have made no left-of-center insinuations to me, in fact they’ve looked quite a bit right-wing, openly racist batty for the most part. I’m a white dude, originally from a very red state, filled with very white people, and it’s not mixed race communities I’m worried about. It’s heavily black communities that seem to get the worst of it, especially with voting rights and the non-renewal of the civil voting rights legislation. It’s easy to shape policy that targets these communities, all while making no racist overtures whatsoever. Not that this bunch has any qualms there….(sorry to go political on your site). I’m not doomsday yet, but i have seen very little from this guy that doesn’t worry me. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, so we need to stay frosty and protect the vulnerable, which may or may not eventually include ourselves.

  2. How do you feel about now being the platform for the Nazi party & ethnic cleansing?
    Cause that is Mr. Payne’s agenda.

  3. You left out what you think about fluoride in the drinking water. You know, how it’s so frigging UNhealthy for the rest of our bodies!!

  4. LOL wymyns NEVER forget…..flouridated water….it meant a LOT fewer cavities…but you could be right…personally I try to avoid water unless I use to make my iced tea which Im pretty sure the benefits of the tea outweigh any potential risk from flouride..I will say this Goddess…I miss our chats…hope you are well and had a happy Thanksgiving at yer trailer with all the kids…I forget how many there are/were….Actually I hope ALL my readers had a happy thanksgiving…I did…I am….Im visiting family in Mississippi til Monday…Love you long time

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