The FSC Launches Half Ass

From The FSC:


As a result of conversations with adult industry producers, agents and performers, and in response to the closing of AIM, the Free Speech Coalition’s Board of Directors has voted to support the creation of APHSS (Adult Performers Health and Safety Services). This entity will focus on performer health and safety and coordinate heath protocols and services for adult productions. Included in this effort will be:

  • Selection of high quality, industry-friendly and affordable testing and treatment facilities for adult performers
  • Provision of a secure database to provide information to performers and producers on performer availability based on industry protocol
  • Provision of resources for compliance with workplace safety procedures for producer
  • Provision of training about STI prevention and treatment for performers
  • Creation of a six-person advisory board to assist with adult production health and safety policy and oversight. The Board will consist of three performers, one attorney, one sexual health expert and one producer
  • Coordination of industry practices and protocols concerning health and safety for adult productions

FSC next week will announce the time and date for a combined meeting of producers, directors, performers and agents. The details of APHSS will be discussed at that meeting as well as APHSS’ expected launch date.


I’m dying here….even the name APHSS says Half Ass.


I have a few questions.  What is this “secure database”?  what exactly makes it “secure”?

This advisory board we already know Jeffery Douglas is the attorney who is the health care professional…for God’s sake PLEASE dont say its “Dr Sharon Mitchell” or any of the other former associates of AIM like Dr York…you did say professional you know….Oh wait you said expert…uh oh.

Are you going to support talent who chose to work with condoms?

Are you going to start testing for Hep? HPV?  they kill too ya know…what about herpes?

To whom, exactly, does this entity answer?

How much are the dues?



50080cookie-checkThe FSC Launches Half Ass

The FSC Launches Half Ass

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9 Responses

  1. Anytime you hear “advisory board” in the porn industry, you can count on a either a cluster fuck or a scam.

  2. DWB. That’s true for ANY industry. I’m not a porner, but I know what union looks like, by whatever name you wanna call it.

  3. When I first started in the industry it wasn’t even that uncommon for performers to be condom only. Or to pick who they wanted to work with, for non condom work. In Nevada brothels, girls get weekly internal testing with an ob/gyn and aren’t even allowed to work with so much as a yeast infection. That would be nice. I had never even seen a yeast infection before I got in the industry.

    But I suspect even with this great new system in place nothing of the sort will happen. I often wonder if somebody is brainwashing my fellow members of the industy who want to argue with me about how safe the industy is.

  4. They’re not brainwashed Heather – your fellow members are afraid. I’ve never seen such a fearful group of people in my life.

  5. Yeah but be afraid of what exactly? Making agents/directors mad? Maybe being blackballed by avn and they’ll never give you a plastic award or write about you? I’m starting to meet women my age that have HPV, and other internal problems and end up needing hysteretomys. These are women that have done a lot less than the things that I have done in porn. That is what I’m afraid of. Where will these people be when that happens?

  6. I see your point Heather – maybe the answer is both being brainwashed AND afraid of what they’ve been conditioned to believe is important.

    Yes, I think many are afraid of being blackballed, making agents/directors upset, not receiving an award, not being able to earn an income via the only means they feel they can, having people in their “normal” lives finding out about their “adult biz” life, etc.

  7. I’d be afraid to put my health in the hands of a company who can’t even spell the word. And shouldn’t there be AT LEAST one real medical doctor on that board, not a “sexual health expert”, whatever the hell that is?

  8. Unions and racketeering go together like bread and butter.
    Just another power move by the FSC to corner whats left
    of the industry.

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