The Elephant In The News

As I wrote a while back here It is the question I got the most, til recently that is.  Will there be another Jenna?

Now you could certainly argue that Ron Jeremy was better known than Jenna but the truth is Jenna is that last real “star” the business had.

I have known Stormy a very long time, I even know that on that fateful day when she visited Wicked Pictures she wasn’t looking for a contract, she was there with a friend who was looking for a contract, Stormy, then Stormy Waters, got the offer and she took it.

One thing Stormy isn’t is dumb, she astute and she quickly picks up on anything she wants to learn, and Stormy wanted to learn directing and writing and it seems like overnight she went from performing to doing it all.

I always thought that Stormy was under appreciated and under utilized at Wicked, anyone who watched could see that she was the best asset the company had, while Jessica and Brad got most of Wickeds attention, and PR efforts, Stormy was putting her nose to the grindstone, and she always made the industry look good.  You never heard about Stormy being drunk or drugged out and doing something stupid, making her company look bad, matter of fact she was always looking for the opportunity to make her company and the business look good.  When Jenna unleashed her vitriol stating at the AVN AWARDS that she would never “spread her legs for this business again” Stormy immediately took the stage and stated that she loved the biz and would continue to spread her legs for the business, a classy move that I never thought got the attention it deserved.

Moving forward Stormy finds herself in a room with Billionaire Donald Trump, at the time nobody ever even imagined that he would enter politics.  She has stated that she wasn’t particularly attracted to Mr Trump but that she had sex with him.  I expect that we have all been there…for some reason or another we may not be attracted to someone but we hope that somehow by having sex with them some part of them will rub off on us.  It has lots of names, being star struck, being a groupie, whatever.   She didn’t accept any money for the liaison and probably just chalked it up as one of lifes memories, she got the opportunity and instead of wondering what if all her life, she did it and could chalk it up to a learning experience.

Then  one day, out of the blue Donald trump decides that in spite of the skeletons in his closet, (and I am certain he has a lot more than have come out) he should run for president, I doubt even he thought he had a prayer but it did the one thing Donald Trump loves…it got him attention, and LOTS of it.

Suddenly The sun shines on Stormys ass….so to speak, she gets a quiet offer of 130,000 to not mention her tryst with Trump, she likely thinks about it and like the rest of the people thought he doesn’t have a prayer of being elected so why not take the money, keep my mouth shut and be happy that particular life experience paid a dividend.

The seemingly impossible happens and suddenly her story is worth a LOT more than 130K.  So in reviewing the documents she signed she realizes that the second party never signed off, that being Mr President hisself and she hires an attorney (Keith Davidson) to see if she can get out from under the contract, return the money and tell her story, for a lot more money.  She had a falling out with Mr Davidson over who knows what and she fires him and hire Michael Avenetti and suddenly she becomes a household name, her name appears in every media outlet on earth because she could, possibly bring down the most controversial president in recent history.  It all comes down to one thing, did Trump use any, even one single dollar, of campaign funds to reimburse his “fixer”, Michael Cohen to reimburse him for the 130,000 dollars paid to Stormy to keep her quiet, if he did, he violated the law.

It is apparent that Trumps base, and indeed most of the country could care less about a dalliance he had with a pornstar more than ten years before he ran for president,  I expect most people are surprised that there hasn’t been a “Bimbo Eruption” like there was with Bill Clinton…..Im not using the term Bimbo Eruption in a derogatory manner here, thats what it was called when it happened in Clintons day, the term, I believe goes back to Rush Limbaugh.

Now you can go either of two ways on Stormy, you can say hey she took the money, she knew what it was for she should have stuck to the agreement and kept her mouth shut, after all 130K isn’t a bad payday, hell I myself would have sex with Rosie O’Donnel, whom I consider repulsive, for 130K … OK it might take 135 LOL but you get my point.

The other option is you say hey, There may be a real crime here, Stormy did the right thing by shining a light on it and the other party never agreed to the terms so Stormy has every right to return the 130K and tell her story, because a lot of allegations have been made against her, she has been threatened and she wants to tell her side of the story, that she isn’t the bimbo pornstar she is being painted as and she has a right to confront her accusers.

Lets pause things right here for just a bit….because next to Stormy who stands to benefit the most here, who should be 4 square behind Stormy and helping her all the way….I mean this is an unexpected windfall for Wicked, but what do we hear from them?  Jessica Drake is making a movie about how to do anal sex…..Hello Steve Orenstein, you have been given the PR opportunity of a lifetime and you should be letting the world know that Stormy IS and ALWAYS has been exclusive to you, you should be flooding the media with support materials, right or wrong Stormy Daniels is such a household name that Time magazine can run only the name Stormy on the cover and everyone on earth pretty much knows who Stormy is and why she is on the magazine, how many of those people know the name Wicked Pictures?  Almost none, but you have the opportunity to make Wicked synonymous with Stormy, something you should have done long ago and didn’t.

As a result Stormy feels somewhat unloved, and rightly so, and jumps ship leaving Wicked and going to Digital Playground, who presumably plans to get behind Stormy and give her the support that Wicked should have.

So now we find ourselves (porn) in a position to change history,  It’s a good story but what has AVN and the even lesser XBiz had to say about it?  Little more than Wicked did.  Oh sure they run the fluff stories but have you read anything like this there? A real Op/ed piece that objectively tells the story and poses the what ifs and the whys?  I got an email about a month ago pointing out that I was the only voice in the biz that offered up opinions that were thought out and actually, in some cases helped this person, a very large company exec, make decisions by way of presenting angles that he hadn’t considered.  I thought about that a lot, because as I mentioned yesterday I am seeing a lot of things that are making me think and I don’t see anyone in the biz actually thinking about them.  When this story broke I got calls and was quoted in stories in The New York Times, The London Times…why did they call me?  That’s a story I’m working on…There IS a reason and it’s not why you think, probably.

In the mean time you may be thinking that the fifteen minutes for this story are up, trust me when I tell you they aren’t.  Stormy and Mr Avenetti are no dummies, this has a long way to go before it plays out, right now it’s just in a remission.  With Michael Cohen appearing to distance himself from President Trump there is a lot of speculation that he is about to cover his ass and tell all he knows in order to save his ass…If that’s true ( I doubt it) and it happens (I doubt it) President Trumps troubles will be just beginning.

No matter what you think Stormy should do or should have done keep watching this story, you may even see it as a documentary on American history someday.


In thinking about this I am amending it…remember how I said she may have had sex with him hoping that some of whatever he has would rub off on her….well ya can’t help but ask yourself here what would Donald Trump do if everything were reversed…would he try to get out from under the deal and make more money?  I think we all know the answer to that…maybe some of Trump did rub off on Stormy1

EMAIL ME and tell me what YOU think, I really want to know!

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The Elephant In The News

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16 Responses

  1. This might be the best-written post I’ve seen from you in a long time. The PR analysis is valid and the resulting questions mystifying. I hope your tease that there IS an answer is true. I’ve wondered if Mr. Sessions was coming down hard on porn right now, if things would play out differently.

  2. If anyone wants real porn news they come here. AVN and XBIZ are worthless for porn news. They are slaves to their advertisers.

  3. Thanks Spawn777 honestly that means a lot…Taking a break for a while has given me a new perspective and relit a fire that had almost burned out….you guys always felt like extended family to me because you all knew my life. It feels right to care about what I am writing again…this time I won’t overdo it by forcing myself to write something daily but I think a couple times a week will be a good pace. I really do want feedback too…I have always said I don’t have the market cornered on ideas…you guys have on many occasions caused me to rethink a position…have a great weekend and thanks again!

  4. Great piece Mike. I still read the blog but most of the content doesn’t compel me to comment. Good to see your voice on here from time to time. And again, a very well thought out compelling piece.

  5. I personally think Stormy should have kept her mouth shut about her fucking Trump up the ass with a broom handle or whatever the fuck she did with his quarter inch dick and microscopic balls. She took the $130K and you don’t fuck with the leader of the “free” world over something like this. What will happen to Stormy if Trump does what I think he will — uses his control over the military to effect a coup and become Dictator Trump instead of President Trump? I think we all know the answer — she will be tortured slowly by CIA operatives or a then newly expanded Secret Service (ironically they have the same SS abbreviation that Hitler’s SS in 1940’s Germany had and The Donald is just about a carbon copy of ol’ Adolf) until she dies in extreme pain. If Stormy would have told me she was considering welching on her contract with The Donald after he became President I would have told her that she would likely die over it if she did.

  6. Oh Harris

    You have a repeated theme of making deeply descriptive posts about the physical suffering of women you don’t seem to like . Might want to figure that one out .

  7. I don’t want Stormy tortured. I think that is what will eventually happen to her but I don’t wish torture on her. She should have had the intelligence to keep her mouth shut — you don’t win a battle with someone like Trump when he will likely have dictator power over the US very soon. Hell, I am risking my own life making this very post. Go look at history featuring people with similar personalities as Trump — like Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, Augusto Pinochet, both past dictators and the current dictator of North Korea, the list goes on. Also consider that Trump is currently Commander in Chief of the US Military. I know soldiers are legally supposed to ignore unconstitutional and illegal orders but when his supporting generals start shooting those that follow the law in the head or worse for not accepting that Trump is now dictator and that soldiers either do his bidding or die they will do his bidding — especially the ones with wives and kids that could also be taken and tortured as penalty for what he refused to do! Theoretically generals could get together, order soldiers to depose Trump and take over themselves but even then our Constitutional republic is history and we will be in a permanent (or at least multi-century) military dictatorship if that happens. Trump is Nixon on steroids and he won’t give up the Presidency for the good of the country when things completely go to hell on him. My advice to Stormy is to get a cyanide pill, carry it in her shoe and at least when things finally go to hell she can kill herself (no, I don’t want her dead but I don’t want her tortured, either) and save herself the torture Trump’s henchmen almost certainly has planned for her. I wonder what is going on in Stormy’s pea-size brain that made her think she could actually win this one. Even if she isn’t knowledgeable about history she should know that you can’t win a fight against the leader of the “free” world!

  8. Im glad to see you guys missed me…seriously and I tried to write this bit objectively, I can see both sides but what I wanted to get through was to kind of put it all in context so that whatever you think Stormy should have done or should do you kind of have a broader understanding of some things you maybe hadnt considered, It also still amazes me that Wicked wasnt more interested in the PR value of this, maybe it speaks to thier feelings about Stormy overall, I dont know but it sure seems an opportunity wasted…Reckon how Steven Hirsch would have played it…

  9. Glad to see you, Mike. I got so pissed about Stormy Daniels that I forgot to say that earlier.

  10. I think players you’d expect to jump on the PR train are staying away because what is working in the short-term for Stormy would derail their long-term efforts to legitimize porn as a mainstream industry.

    Due to the PR train Stormy is a household name and the impetus to cautionary joke ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless there’s a potential payday’

    Regardless of whether she got paid cash or exchanged sex for the experience spending time with Trump offered…that was the extent of the consent. THAT is the elephant in the room for the industry.

  11. For sure any rich or famous person in the public eye will think 2x before hiring a porn star escort after Stormy.

  12. Karma it’s not just rich and famous. Neighbors cancelled annual guys trip to the Big Smoke this year opting for a week long fishing trip with less potential to bite them in the ass 10-20 or more years down the road. I know for a fact some of these guys hire porn star escorts and which ones brought home STD to their wives. Wives will forgive an STD but risking kids college fund to protect job when the now toddlers are heading off to college is a deal breaker.

  13. Lurk…as always you give me a different perspective, I mean I know that Wicked has always tried to position themselves as mainstream and above the other companies in the biz but it just seems to me that they go about it all wrong, Steve Orenstein mandates condom use yet when the issue comes up he falls in line with the FSC when everyone knows they are lying (Im writing about this actually) that discredits him and further removes him from the mainstream identification he seems to long for. There was a time when porn was poised for mainstream acceptance but totally missed the boat and instead became associated with the Rob Blacks, The Max Hardcores and the like…..I recently saw where Stagliano was harping about Netflix accepting porn and I responded to him, which Evil Angel title did he think Netflix would touch in a million years? Wet Food? Come on this is ridiculous…Wicked might have had a chance at some point, specially with a soft version, ditto Digital Playground, particularly the Pirates franchise, but the fact that Samantha and Joone got out should have been a harbinger for others…add to them Fishbein selling AVN and Vivid getting out of the video biz…these companies made decent money on videos…what does that say for the little guys….more on that coming too… Vivid cant still make money off the branding…Wicked should be there too but who has heard of Wicked? They blew a chance to change that…IMNSHO

  14. Thanks Mike…From the outset when people were asking why various names weren’t getting out front with Stormy the political conflicts seemed obvious to me.

    No one associated with FSC is going to get out front with her because it puts them in a bad place around too many conference table negotiations. As long as they stay away they can respond to questions ‘no idea …. lone performer ….not in line with industry ideals we’re looking for your help to get in place’ as a transition to whatever is on table be it OSHA, 2257 whatever issue du jour is.

    Taking a page out of history consider if this were happening when AB1576 was making it’s way through the process. If FSC, Wicked, Vivid, Stagliano were standing with her would Gatto or any representative or senator welcome them for a chat?

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