The Next Jenna Jameson

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have heard it, or been asked if I thought there would ever be another Jenna Jameson.

Until very recently I would say yes there will be another, but not in the foreseeable future, it’s a long way off.

But at that time I didn’t foresee the possibility that a well known pornchick was having an ongoing relationship with the future President of the United States.,

It’s an interesting coincidence that the last time I attended the AVN Awards I heard Jenna Jameson state that she would never spread her legs for this industry again.  Immediately following that Stormy Daniels took the stage and stated that she would continue to spread her legs for the business.

Now Stormy is set to eclipse Jenna’s notoriety and claim the throne.  While I would say that Ron Jeremy still has the most name recognition, Stormy Daniels is likely to replace him as the best known porn star.

Stormy started out as Stormy Waters, she did a lot of magazines and branded her name well, rising to the top of the feature entertainer list despite not having done anything other than nudity.

When her friend Devon Michaels got an interview at Wicked Pictures to become a Wicked contract girl, Stormy went with her for moral support.  As fate would have it Wicked wanted Stormy instead of Devon, even though Stormy wasn’t there to interview, the rest as they say is history.  Shortly after entering porn Stormy Waters decided to change her name, a move many thought was crazy because she had branded Stormy Waters quite well, but Stormy is driven and very capable and smart, Stormy Waters is all but forgotten and Stormy Daniels is damn near a household name as of this writing.

The first time I met Stormy was at The Nightmoves show in Tampa, she was there with her then boyfriend (an industry guy, who will remain unnamed) and they were having issues.  A group of us were going to dinner and I invited Stormy to go with us,  her response: “I’m really not that friendly”.

I laughed and since have come to know Stormy, we get along and I have great respect for her talent and her drive and her creativity.  Where lesser talent claims that The future President “raped: her Stormy played it WAY smarter, and no matter what you may think of Stormy you have to admit she is brilliant.

Stormy will be remembered LONG after Jenna has been forgotten and Stormy’s story is FAR from over, matter of fact I would say that it is just beginning.

Porn has it’s new queen.

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The Next Jenna Jameson

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  1. Stormy needs to be careful she does not go to sleep and not wake up. These are dangerous people she is messing with. To protect the presidency who knows what they might do?

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