Parody Mania

Porners remind me of blackbirds on a wire. They all sit and make a lot of noise then one bird takes off in some random direction and all the rest follow him, then he returns to the wire and all the rest do the same thing, returning to the cacaphony that had been previously interrupted.

In my almost 20 years in porn I have seen it happen repeatedly, gaping assholes I think was the first.  That one was a natural for porners, porn is FULL of gaping assholes right Jules Jordan?

Anyway anything that was different became the trend, and the more abusive it was, it seems,  the more popular the trend.

At least with the current trend of parodies that has gone by the wayside (good riddance)

It does make me wonder though if the next trend wont be a Bob Newhart (or maybe Frazier for those too young to remember the original Bob Newhart show) where the shrink deals with the damage that abusive porn has done.

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Parody Mania

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