Ok this shit makes me crazy:

As I am mastering a DVD I am listening to talk radio, Sean Hannity to be exact:

Now Sean got his start here in Atlanta and while I think he is a little bully I do find his show entertaining on occasion. Tonight he had on Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from Kiss and Lee Greenwood. Ya that’s a freaky guest list huh…Anyhow he opens the show quoting Gene Simmons claim to have had sex with 3600 wymyns naturally this gets the panties of his minions all in a wad. One lady called in just appalled cuz she let (her word not mine) her family all dress as Kiss for Halloween and now she is all bent cuz Gene Simmons is a pig…


You dumb bitch…these guys are ROCK STARS, the only thing standing between them and homelessness is the ability to play three chords on a guitar…and you are upset because they aren’t good role models?

OK I HAD to get that offa my chest….

6160cookie-checkOk this shit makes me crazy:

Ok this shit makes me crazy:

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