I suggest we set up a treaty:

Metro is all excited because they are doing porn with a washed up rap group called “Digital Underground”, I can only assume they had some sort of a hit ten years ago or something. Gee I can’t wait to see how THIS will further shame the biz that has no shame.

I suggest a treaty, lets get porners together with the musicians union or whatever. Here’s the premise….If y’all will spare us the embarrassments of musicians making porn videos, we, in turn, will spare you the embarrassments of porners trying to be musicians. That’s right keep Snoop Dog and Jonathon Davis and whatever other washed up musicians you guys have…put em on a pension or something, but keep them from fucking around in, well, fucking around. We will keep Tom Byron, Andrea True, Heather Hunter and Jake Steed from fucking around in music. Just a thought. Hey it WOULD spare us all a lot of embarrassing press releases.

2760cookie-checkI suggest we set up a treaty:

I suggest we set up a treaty:

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