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Just Damn!

I didn’t get home til after midnight last night so I completely MISSED the Tera Show, in order to recreate the experience I stared intently at a lava lamp for

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I suggest we set up a treaty:

Metro is all excited because they are doing porn with a washed up rap group called “Digital Underground”, I can only assume they had some sort of a hit ten

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The Old Man and The Sea:

Ok I ain’t THAT old, but let me tell ya two straight days at sea and one of them was R O U G H …small craft advisories, 10 foot

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Marvel wasn’t Marveled:

Did ya notice how quickly and quietly the morons at Extreme dumped that Spiderman graphic they had on the site? Word I get from deep inside Extreme is that Marvel

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When the cats away:

Well it seems Goddess had quite a time at my expense while I was away. Now everything in the house smells like fish and it ain’t cuz of what I

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