Don’t Hire Us To Fight and We Won’t Hire You To Fuck

Used to be it was rappers with no game that hung out in porn circles, I mean who can forget Chingy strutting around on stage like a rooster while Vanity grabbed his cock, little did he know her dick is bigger than his. And of course the splash that Digital Underground didn’t make for Metro, or Lil Jon or any number of others.

But at least these guys were harmless, despite the whole rap/playa act they hung around porn for a reason….They couldn’t get laid anywhere else, of course they didn’t have much more success in porn.

But now theres a new breed of cling on in the biz, this time it’s juiced up MMA fighters who have built up big bodies and in doing so shrunk and/or made their penises inoperable.

First it was a little piece of shit that called himself “War Machine”  now it’s Dominic Kane.  These guys aren’t men, they are scumbags and predators assaulting people who have done no harm to you or threatened you is the mark of a coward. Real men don’t bully people.

Lets make a deal as an industry, they won’t hire us to fight, we won’t hire them to fuck.

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Don’t Hire Us To Fight and We Won’t Hire You To Fuck

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6 Responses

  1. I agree one hundred percent. There is no place in our industry for sad sacks like those that bully and use their fists to settle their personal problems. That’s what overpaid attorneys are for lol. No really I was there when Kane punched Porno Dan in the jaw and he can only be described as an out of control animal. I am sure somebody will hire him but I will not had a high opinion of that company. Some love Porno Dan and others might not but doing something like that at the XBiz Awards (or anyplace) was not the way to go.

  2. It doesn’t help that most porn stars seem infatuated with MMA and the tattoo/steroid look is everywhere in LA, particularly in Porn Valley and the endless So Cal burbs.

    I sometimes think if Jenna hadn’t married Tito the craze wouldn’t be so big.


  3. I’m just waiting around for the skinny, long-haired, over 40, out of shape hippie with bad knees to become the next big craze. I am SOOOO gonna be a superstar.

  4. Coming from you, that means alot, Sweetie. Miss H says “howdy”, and adds, “kisses, licks, and nibbles.” We need to get together again real soon!

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