Belladonna on ABC Primetime:

Ya, I saw it. Did any of y’all REALLY think that ABC News is going to paint our industry as a viable alternative to Hollywood? Did you think they would focus on the positives? They had 2 years of footage to pack into an hour long show, they could spin it any way they wanted, and thats exactly what they did. Are there evil people in our business? Sure there are and most of them even know who they are. Are there evil people in Hollywood? Was Diane Sawyer exploited to get her job? Did she roll over on a casting couch somewhere and sell her body for her shot at the bigtime? What do you think.

And what are some of the people in porn thinking? Yes some people are going to profit from this but at the expense of everyone else in the industry. When are we going to get together in a meaningful way and say we aren’t going to tolerate this shit? Is that the function of the FSC? Ya Right….

Was Belladonna expected to be able to put a good spin on this business when Diane Sawyer clearly had an agenda? Diana Sawyer and ABC News used this poor child at least as much as we in porn have.

Tod Hunter has said it “These people are not our friends” and he is right but guess what we aren’t even our own friends so what do ya expect…


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Belladonna on ABC Primetime:

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