August Ames, Just A Thought

I have been thinking about this and it really seems to me that the best thing we could do is just skip the Xbiz Awards and get together someplace and have a nice wake for August Ames…maybe Sardos or something….get together, have fun and talent can support each other and enjoy each others company, maybe come together this once, not as an APAC or APAG function but as talent being supportive of each other….I will gladly publicize it just pick a time and a place…the more I think about it the more I like Sardos, it has always been a neutral ground and a talent gathering spot, free of the politics of the FSC and unions.

And really what would you be missing at The XBiz Awards, you will still get your award if you win but honestly, whats it worth anyway?  I mean if you put it on Ebay a fan might buy it but nobody else cares, and compared to your fellow performers you shouldn’t either.  Wouldn’t it be worth far more to simply have a night of fun and remembrance and maybe,  just maybe come together.

I have two AVN Awards and I would happily give them both up to see this happen, it would mean more to me than those AVN Awards EVER will.

I didn’t know August Ames but I would bet anything that she would agree….Let her be there in spirit, put aside any differences and show support for each other instead of competing with each other….just this one day….who knows maybe it will become a regular thing and you will all be better for it…far better than anything a plastic trophy will make you feel…Think about it.


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August Ames, Just A Thought

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  1. Great idea although Sardos closed last July. I don’t recall the place that PSK was moved to but maybe it could be done there. Obviously you and I couldn’t reasonably attend but talent that still lives in the LA area could take your suggestion and put it into action quite easily. Also, talent wouldn’t have to buy/rent an expensive tux or dress for a memorial unlike that XBiz show.

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